What You Should Know Before Getting Breast Implants

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 313,000 augmentation mammoplasty were performed in the U.S. in 2018 – a 48% increase from 2000. When performed by a trained and licensed breast implant specialist, breast implant surgery can produce aesthetically pleasing and satisfactory results. Better materials and improved technologies have also made this type […]

Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis has proved its medical and recreational benefits to its users. The effects of cannabis differ from user to user. The factors on which its effects depend are dosed, mood variations, individual prospect, state of mind, and the community surroundings in which the medicine is used. Major changes that cannabis brings out in its users […]

Why Are Women Prone To Gum Disease?

There are several health problems that are more likely to develop in women and the most common example of such a health problem is gum disease. Women who come to the dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental always blame about their gum problems. As per the professional dentists, women are likely prone to gum diseases as […]

Tips on How to Deal with Childhood Obesity

If your kid is about to burst, then you should be worried. Just like adults, obese children expose themselves to various health issues that threaten their life as well as wellbeing. However, weight loss or restrictive dieting isn’t the way to healthy weight management. Children still require calories and restricting them could be harmful to […]