What are Acne Scars and how are they treated?  

Acne or pimple can ruin your beauty and even hamper your self-esteem quashing your confidence altogether. In this article, Dr. Firdous Ibrahim will tell us about acne scars, its types and what are the treatment methods for it. Dr. Firdous Ibrahim is a well known and internationally trained aesthetic physician from Secunderabad. She has been […]

Fundamental Steps to File a Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice is a condensed term that encapsulates wrong or delayed diagnosis or not receiving the standard treatment and care from the medical professionals. The common thread connecting all the medical malpractice cases is the patient suffered injury or harm due to incompetence or negligence of the physician, nurse and other healthcare professionals. The reality […]

How are CBD Cigarettes Made? What Do They Contain?

CBD cigarettes are cigarettes made from marijuana flowers. The categories are: Hemp flowers: Containing lesser than 0.3% THC Marijuana flowers: Consist of higher levels of THC CBD hemp cigarettes are a lot more popular ad they are lawful as well as can be sold throughout the United States. This is the reason numerous cannabis producers […]

Why Join an MS Support Group?

MS support groups have been helping newly diagnosed young adults and older patients cope with their illness. A group of people often strive over an individual suffering from the same condition, as there are more resources at their disposal. Anything ranging from medications to advice on how to live normally can be done in a […]