5 Mistakes That Are Causing You Neck Pain:

Yes, you heard it right you may be causing yourself neck pain. It happens a lot there are a lot of mistakes we make in daily life that cause a lot of problems in our body. Neck pain is one of them.

Here are a few mistakes that are causing you neck pain.  

Your Posture Isn’t Right:

Poor posture causes the strain on your spine especially if your neck is outward and your head and shoulder are forward. This posture can put extra weight on your neck around 20-50 pounds of weight on your neck and that can put your neck through a lot of strain.  

Which causes serious neck pain. Keeping your chin inward can help your neck pain a lot.  

You Are Not Carrying Weight Evenly:

Is your purse or briefcase too heavy? You may be carrying it on one shoulder and that causing a slouchy posture and more strain on side of your neck and shoulder. This pulls the muscle and places a strain on them which is why your neck is hurting.  

What you should do is try to distribute the weight evenly best way to do it is get a backpack if you have too much stuff to carry around. You can also keep switching the bags back and forth between each shoulder. Your Neck Pain Doctor will tell you to do the same thing.

Keeping Your Phone Between Neck And Shoulder.  

It seems easy for you to hold your phone in the crook of your neck while working. But it is bad for your neck as your neck is in the same position for too long and you should not do that. It will make your neck stiff.  

Texting With A Bent Neck Is Bad:

We all text too much with a bent neck and make it harder for our neck to stay healthy. This is a bad habit. All of this is causing pain in your neck.  

Not only texting if your monitor is not at your eye level it is bad for your neck and for your eyes. Try to keep it on your eye level.

Sleeping with a Thick Pillow:

A thick stiff pillow is not good for your neck it is a grave mistake. Your pillow should not be more four inches think. You should try to sleep with a flat pillow that will ease your neck.  

You can also try a special orthopedic pillow. You should also try to sleep on your back instead of your side because back stays in a well-aligned position.  

You may be making these five mistakes that are causing you neck pain. You should try to avoid these mistakes and if you keep your posture right. You will be able to avoid neck pain.