Is the Current Fad in Hair Transplantation Effective?

Hair reduction, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of our lives.  Although you may sport a healthy, head-full of hair when you are a youngster, it doesn’t take much time for majority of people to start losing their hair.  There are numerous reasons as to why you could experience abnormal loss of hair even in your youth.  From dietary and other habits to genetics and the environment, there are numerous reasons that cause unwanted hair loss.

Today, surgical hair transplant is one of the most effective ways to restore natural, healthy hair on your head.  There are a handful of leading cosmetic clinics that offers the best hair transplant in Navi Mumbai.  Before deciding in a rush and seeking a credible cosmetic clinic for hair transplant in Mumbai, check out what our experts have to say about it.

Critics may claim that this procedure is not as effective as mentioned by cosmetic experts and aesthetic surgeons.  So let’s take a look ourselves and determine whether the new trend of hair transplant Is successful or not?

What is Hair Transplant?

Simply speaking, a cosmetic hair transplant in Mumbai is a surgical procedure that involves removing hair follicles from your own head, and attaching them to the balding spots on your head.  Although it is a complex procedure which requires immense precision, the leading cosmetic clinics provide world-class hair transplant in Navi Mumbaisuccessfully.

           Before Hair Transplant Procedure

In this procedure, the cosmetic surgeons will evaluate the quality and density of your hair follicles, mostly at the back of your head.  Hair follicle is a group of hair (between 1 and 4) that has a common root.

           Hair Follicle Harvesting

Precise harvesting of hair follicles is also vital as it determines the quality and viability of these hair follicles for transplanting.

–           Hair Follicle Transplanting

On the balding site of your head, also called the ‘receiver ‘ website, the surgeon will start making small (0.6 mm to 1 mm) puncture holes with a special surgical extraction instrument.  The small surgical blade of this tool is able to make the transplanting holes with intense precision, ensuring optimal safety for you.

The cosmetic surgeon will consult you beforehand and determine the pattern of your transplanted hair follicles.  This is matched with pattern of your original hair to make sure it appears totally natural, even to closer scrutiny.

Advantages of Cosmetic Hair Transplant

Our specialists were able to Ascertain these 5 clear advantages and benefits that a decorative hair transplant in Mumbai can offer you:

1 Naturally Enhances Your Looks

As opposed to wearing hairpieces (wigs), weaving and attempting other such treatments, cosmetic hair transplant in Navi Mumbai can help restore your youthful good looks naturally.  It involves using your own natural hair, thus ensuring a perfect match when it comes to hair colour and type.

2 Entirely Safe

Hair transplant at Mumbai at reputable, leading cosmetic clinics guarantees optimal safety when it comes to you.  This process doesn’t require using any special chemical or medicinal drugs, which can cause hair damage.

3 Scar-Less Process

Thanks to the advanced tools used for hair transplant in Mumbai, the punching tool makes tiny incisions that are too small to be viewed properly with the naked eye.  Apart from this, your natural hair quickly pay for the donor and receiver website, making sure that these small scars are concealed naturally.

4 Permanent Solution

Yes, hair transplant is a permanent solution, as compared to other countless of time-consuming temporary remedies.  As soon as your hair follicles are transplanted and take hold, they are there to stay permanently.

5 Affordable Solution

As opposed to common misconception, obtaining a successful hair transplant at Navi Mumbai is very affordable today.  With increasing cosmetic talent and competition to present world-class cosmetic remedies, there are several leading cosmetic hair restoration practices that offer a very affordable price to hair transplant in Mumbai.