Sterilization tools to keep the ‘Know-so-comials’ away!

Medical sciences and techniques have gone through a phase of rampant improvement, in the span of a few years. We as humans have progressed from knocking people out, to the use of fast acting anaesthesia for surgeries and medical operations. Gone are the days when every patient with an unusual symptom was thought to be a ‘walking corpse’.

Medical science has progressed so far that we are already able to treat a few variants of cancer, which had been considered a fairy tale during the start of the 20th century. With new innovative techniques and ground-breaking discoveries leading the charge of the medical development and modernisation, it appears that we are running out of space for improvement.

But now is the era of unorthodox thinking and revolutionary ideas. Once a craftsman expertise’s in his craft, he sets to improve the tools of his craft. This is where you begin to hear names like Karl Storz Instruments and many other elegant organisations offering solutions to our above-mentioned problem.

In the past few years there has been a rise in ‘nosocomial infections’ or ‘hospital borne infections. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that the cleaning and sterilizing techniques need to be refined and improved. Hospitals generally order and manages their supplies in bulk surplus and due to the increased demands, the sterilization of these ‘invasive’ tools often fall short of the ideal targets.

Hence there is an ardent need for the following instruments:

  • Tools that supplement the cleaning and sterilization techniques.
  • Equipment that allows clean storage of instruments.
  • Equipment that facilitates the less invasiveness of modern-day instruments.

Karl Storz Instruments and many more organisations, provide not only the tools along with the manuals with guidelines to ensure their ’clean’ utilization  , but also provide equipment to facilitate proper sterilization and storage of these lifesaving tools.