Things You Should Know Before Buying any CBD Oil Product

In recent years, people from all across the globe have discovered the benefits of CDB and CBD oil. CBD or cannabinoid is basically a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plant also has another chemical compound called THC, which once broken down and ingested can cause intoxication or give you the “high” that cannabis and pure hemp oil is commonly associated with.

Today, although more and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits that are associated with CBD, there are many people who still associate the herb with marijuana that gets you high. There are many benefits associated with CBD and CBD oil that include reduction of inflammation, pain relief, anti-depressant, and many others. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant in the form of powder or oil.

CBD oil has become increasingly popular all across the globe as a natural compound that helps people to manage pain, cope with anxiety, and even reduce inflammation. This surge in the popularity of CBD has led many governments to legalize the use of CBD for medicinal and recreational use. While CBD is very beneficial, not all the CBD oil that you see in the market today are created equally. Therefore, you need to find the right CBD oil for use. Here are some things you should know before buying CBD oil, which will help you choose the right product for your needs:

Where was the hemp or cannabis grown and what might be in it?

Studies have proven that hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means it is capable of absorbing everything from air, soil, and water in which it is grown, both good and the bad. This is why it is important that you know where your CBD was grown. It is recommended that you choose the CBD oil that is extracted from the hemp grown in organic farms where the conditions are regulated. The last thing you would want is your CBD grown in toxic substances, like herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals.

There are many health adversities associated with the ingestion of CBD oil grown in these toxic substances including:

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Soft tissue sarcoma
  • Multiple myelomas
  • Cancer – Skin, stomach, lip, prostate, brain.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the CBD oil you buy is grown in organic farms where there is no use of pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic substances that can make CBD dangerous for use.

Levels of THC in CBD oil

As mentioned earlier, THC is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the intoxication that people generally associate with marijuana. While most of the CBD oils don’t have THC, there are chances that come of them might have it. The maximum amount of THC that the CBD oil should contain to be legal is 0.3%, anything above that is illegal. Therefore, it is advised that you check the levels of THC in the CBD oil that you buy and make sure that the THC levels are below 0.3%.

The concentration of CBD in the product

CBD, like many other products, can be watered down to a level where it can be literally ineffective. Some companies may try to water down the CBD oil to make more profits by fooling the customers, which is why you should be wary of the concentration of CBD present in the product you buy. The best way of doing it is by checking the composition of the product. A quality CBD oil product will contain 250mg to 1000mg of CBD per ounce of fluid, anything less than this would mean that the CBD oil is ineffective.

Check that the CBD oil you buy is pure and potent

It is recommended that you don’t just buy into what the companies claim to sell their CBD oil products. There are chances that they might be lying. This is why it is important that you check of third-party certificates and other certifications for the product you are buying. These certifications are proof that the product you are buying is potent and pure. It also means that it will not have any adverse effects on your body and health.

Check for customer care numbers and accountability

In today’s world, where anyone can open a website and sell things online, it is important that you find a company or a product that is genuine and is produced by a real company. The best way of knowing if a product is manufactured by a genuine company is by checking for customer care phone numbers. Most of the products having a customer care number are genuine and sell products that are genuine as well.

There you go, these are some of the most important things that you need to know about before buying any CBD oil product. This will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of CBD without worrying about the side effects and other adversities.