Ways to show that you care about the mental health of your employees

It goes without mentioning that all bosses will want the best output from their employees. Regardless of whether you hold a respectable position of leading a team or whether you’re an intern, you will probably do what you can to ensure that you feel happy and safe at work. Majority of the people spend many such moments at work and all these can have a significant impact on the well-being and mental health of the employees.

Online mental health websites such as can help connect you with licensed professionals online. Similarly, there are other therapists too who can take care of your employees. For the employers, it is necessary that they provide the best environment to their employees so that their mental needs are all met. What are the steps that you can take in order to take care of the mental health of the employees?

#1: Break the ice

If there is someone who is suffering from mental health issues, the first step is to combat the stigma that is associated with it. You need to talk about the impact, the resources and the benefits that you can get from the treatment. The more you break the silence, the more you can normalize the situation and make it look natural. You should make it clear that as long as the employee is working in your office, he will get the support that is needed from his employer. The way in which you do this will depend on the vibe of the workspace.

#2: Get in touch with an Employee assistance professional

In case you think you need expert help, things can get difficult if you keep from taking this step. How about seeking help of an EAP or employee assistance professional? He is a mental health counselor and they will teach the employers about how such sensitive issues should be dealt with. They assist a company in dealing with productivity issues.

#3: Check things regularly with your staff

The key is to meet with the employees regularly and maintain open lines of communication. Regular check-in sessions and meetings will build trust and culture into accepting the fact. The managers also get an opportunity determine whether or not the staff members appear to be stressed or overwhelmed. Not everyone will open up about their mental health and that’s perfectly okay.

So, when you’re tensed about your employees and you want to ensure maximum productivity, you too have to take care of them. They should be given expert help whenever needed.

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise