What are Afinil Express and Modafinil? Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Finding a drug called Modafinil on the internet can be very tough, and there are a lot of websites that poses as legit resellers of this product online that ends up being a scam. We have spent a lot of time reviewing and researching about Modafinil resellers. There are a lot of big-time resellers in the industry, but the most recognizable one is ModafinilCat.

Unfortunately, the company just shut their doors down. But luckily for Modafinil users, they recommended an alternative, Afinil Express. In this article, we will get a closer look at Afinil Express and discuss why a lot of people trusted them as a legitimate reseller, and why most big-name resellers like ModafinilCat recommend them to their customers. If you want to get discounts and coupons when purchasing Modafinil, you can check out websites like afinilexpresscouponcode.com for more information.

What is Afinil Express?

Afinil Express is a respectable and recognizable international reseller of armodafinil and modafinil on the internet. They are heavily recommended by ModafinilCat to their loyal clients when they closed down. As far as resellers of the drug go, Afinil Express is considered as one of the most trusted vendors in the industry. They have stepped up in the absence of ModafinilCat, and deliver the same high-quality services and products as their predecessor. They have become the most recognizable and preferred source of the drug.

What products or services are they offering?

Afinil Express is offering four standard and generic versions of armodafinil and modafinil medications made by Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. They offer Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil and Artvigil in quantities of 300, 200, 100, 60 and 20 at a time.

What makes Afinil Express a respectable vendor of modafinil?

Afinil Express offers free domestic and international shipping. There is nothing more frustrating than adding items in your cart, only to find out that you need to pay an additional $30 to $50 charge for shipping fee. As part of the company’s drive to give their clients the best possible experience, this includes giving free international and domestic shipping for their products. It goes against what the majority of the companies are doing in the industry since most resellers or vendors are charging extra fees for product shipping.

The company earned the respect of most resellers. It is not clear how long the company has been around, but there have been any concerns when it comes to the company’s reputation. In fact, when one of the most trusted modafinil vendors, ModafinilCat, shut down, they recommend their customers get it from Afinil Express.

It is very important because, at the time of the recommendation, ModafinilCat was considered as the biggest resellers of the said drug on the internet, not only in the United States but in the world. They know the industry like the back of their hand that is why their recommendation held a lot of weight.

Afinil Express can guarantee their delivery, and it is always on time

The company makes it perfectly clear on their business website that they guarantee all their deliveries. It is a strong statement in the online world of Nootropics because of the complex laws and regulations surrounding the industry as well as the strict border-security test screening.

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The drug exists in what most experts call a legal “grey area.” It is illegal to use in the United States and some parts of the world if it is not prescribed by a physician, but the legal authorities do not heavily enforce it. Shipments of modafinil outside the United States are almost always allowed by the authorities through the border. But occasionally, they are confiscated by the border security until a valid and legitimate prescription is presented. When this happens, the reseller has three options:

They can provide their customers with a full refund for the delivered product

They can decline or refuse to do anything

They can send replacement products

What makes Afinil Express different from other online store is that they choose option number two and three at their own expense. They will absorb all the cost to make sure that their loyal customers are satisfied with their services and products. It is one of the things that make this company the best online store in the market today and the reason why they have a loyal customer base.