What’s better between vitamin B12 transdermal patches and vitamin pills?

If you suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12 you either use shots, pills, sublingual or B12 transdermal patches. Shots also knew as injections are used to provide vitamin B12 directly in the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 pills can also be used to supplement the nutrient, but it takes time for digestion. Sublingual administrator drops are used under the tongue.

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A vitamin B12 transdermal patch is easy to use and does not need excess time to absorb the nutrient in the body. Medical professionals recommend transdermal patches as it is the best delivery system for vitamin B12. Patches absorb the nutrients directly in the system and avoid digestive process where absorption may take time.

B12 transdermal patches are used through the skin. After applying the patch to your skin, the nutrients directly gets absorbed in the bloodstream via the skin.

What happens if you take pills or tablets?

The first and foremost thing is that you have to remember to take these pills daily. Vitamin pills are to be swallowed and then it travels to your stomach. It has to undergo the process of digestion. Digestive acids break food, and the vitamins are then used by your body.

After the process of digestion is completed, the compound in the stomach starts delivering B12 to intestines. After that, it is absorbed in the bloodstream, cells, and the entire body. The intrinsic factor bonds to the B12 to absorb the vitamin and if you lack the same only a small part of B12 gets absorbed.

What happens when you use B12 transdermal patches?

When you apply the B12 patch to the skin, the nutrients are directly available to the body via the skin. They get absorbed in the bloodstream in the form of blood vessels that delivers the vitamin to organs and tissues. A transdermal system is easy to use, and the nutrients are readily available to your body without passing through any process.