Why Should You Get Your Hearing Aids Professionally Cleaned?

You may have a routine for cleaning your hearing aids but it is not enough. If you want to keep your aids in good working condition for a long time, you have to invest in a professional cleaning. Other tips to maintain hearing aids include cleaning your aids daily. Work our hearing aids into your daily routine. Make it a habit to minimize the buildup of sweat, wax, and debris. If you do not clean your aids, you may experience distorted hearing. Do not get water or any other liquids into the electronic parts of your hearing aid. Maintain ear hygiene practices such as earwax removal. Learn to insert your hearing aids properly and always store them appropriately.

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Importance of Cleaning Your Hearing Aids Professionally

Professional Knowledge

Even though you may do your best to keep your hearing aids clean, your efforts may not be enough. You may not have the right tools and knowledge that is necessary to deep clean the aids. Professional cleaning helps to remove wax and other debris. If you attempt to deep clean without help, you may damage the microphones and receivers of your aids. Your professional will help you to detect any signs of damage. They may help you get repairs.

Improved Sound Quality

Without regular professional leaning, your hearing aids may have a buildup of oils, wax, or dirt that affects the quality of sound. Professional cleaning helps to remove debris and restore the good quality of sound. It removes debris from the wax guard, microphones, and tubing.

To Improve the Lifespan of Hearing Aids

Professional leaning helps to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your hearing aids. Hearing aids that do not get regular cleaning do not last long. A buildup of residue may affect the effectiveness of your hearing aid.

Professional Advice

During your appointment, you get a chance to speak with your ear health provider. If you are experiencing any challenges or you don’t understand how your hearing aids work, they can explain it to you. They can monitor your progress and offer you professional advice.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

  • The first step is to sanitize your hearing aids. Your provider cannot perform any maintenance services before that.
  • You provider performs a listening test to determine the quality and volume of sound.
  • The next step is to deep clean your hearing aids. They will be disassembled to allow for better access to different parts. Your provider will replace your wax guard, domes, and earmold tube. They will place your hearing aid in a vacuum chamber to get rid of all moisture.
  • Once your hearing aids are clean, your provider performs a test to ensure that there is an improvement on the sound quality.

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