Do You Have To Return To Work After A Workplace Injury

Getting into a workplace injury can affect your life in various ways. Thankfully, you can file for workers’ compensation and recover your damages without using money out of your pocket. You can consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Virginia to determine whether the compensation amount offered by the insurance company is sufficient for your injuries. 

One question that you may have while recovering from your injuries is when you should return to work. Your employer may pressure you into returning to work as soon as possible. However, you do not need to return to your job until your doctor says it is safe for you to do so. Additionally, if your work poses a threat to your health, you may choose not to return as well. 

Do you have to return to work after your workers’ compensation ends?

First of all, if you are currently recovering from a workplace injury, you do not have to return to work unless your doctor gives you the green sign. Your employer or company cannot legally force you to work until it is safe for you to join your job again. Whether you are ready to work again will depend on the following factors. 

  • Your recovery: Your level of recovery can be determined by your doctor as well as by the way you feel when you perform daily activities. While medical specialists can monitor whether you are ready to go back to work, you too can determine whether you are capable of doing your job activities. However, if you misjudge your limitations, you can lose your position in the company.
  • Maximum Medical Improvement: Maximum Medical Improvement is the state where a person cannot improve any further from their injuries. While recovering, you may reach a point when you can work just fine, but that level may not be your maximum medical improvement. You can choose to opt-out of work until you reach that level. 
  • Your doctor’s recommendations: Lastly, the only person who can suggest you the best on when you should return to work is your medical provider. You can discuss your current situation and how you feel with your physician and see what they suggest. 

Do you have to return to the same job after your workers’ compensation ends?

You may be thinking that you are obligated to return to your same job after your recovery, but that is not so. If your work conditions are such that they pose a potential threat to your health again if you return to work, you can choose to resign after receiving your compensation. You can look for another safer job or remain unemployed following your recovery.