Auto-flowering Cannabis: Growth Tips And Tricks

Well, we have a great topic of discussion today. And it’s going to be a roller-coaster of valuable information.

Yes, we are talking about autoflowering plants.

Autoflowering marijuana plants are not that difficult to grow. Growing them is pretty easy whether you want to grow them outside or inside of your home. Perhaps this is why many first-time cannabis growers prefer the auto-flowering cannabis strains over the others. 

But that doesn’t mean you can improve the health and maximize the harvest of these cannabis plants. They have a rapid flowering period, and also, there is no reason to NOT to grow them. 

They might be a tad intimidating. It is because they stand out to be less forgiving when compared with other marijuana plants out there. The auto will surely reach a manageable height and has currently gained a lot of popularity as well.

So, are you excited to grow these strains? That’s pretty cool, then! 

But hey, want to learn some tips and trips for growing them? Follow the information provided in this article, and grow these strains like a pro. 

Growing Autoflowering Cannabis: Tips and Tricks


Here, within this particular section, you will encounter some helpful but important tips and tricks that will help you grow these auto-flowering cannabis plants in a hassle-free and stress-free manner!

  1. Choose The Right Strain

You will not find just one auto-flowering strain, but there are many varieties. So, what’s your job here? Simple, you need to pick the strain that can produce a lot of harvests and receive the best possible commercial results through it. 

The best place to start looking is through a reliable and trusted website, such as the i49.netas they have some of the best autos available. But before you buy the strains, make sure to do some research on them.

Well, I believe that when you have a good idea about the autos and their types, it will become easier for you to find the one that produces the maximum yield. 

I recommend you go for auto-flowering seeds that carry fewer resins, contain 20% of THC, and carry an outstanding flavor and aroma. The one strain matches all these criteria is the Haze XXL Auto-flowering. Trust me; you will like it.

  1. No Need To Re-Pot The Autos

When it comes to maximizing the yields of your auto strains, you must avoid stress at all costs. How to do it? Well, you can begin by not repotting them as you can easily grow them within their final container. 

Do note one thing about autos. They carry a short life cycle. So, repotting them might put the plants under a lot of stress. This will, in return, affect their growth. 

You will not face such problems with the regular marijuana varieties that you usually come across. But you must avoid it when growing auto strains. 

  1. Stop With The Overwatering

Being a professional cannabis grower myself, I have come across many growers who try to overwater their auto-flowering cannabis strains. This is not a good thing, and you should avoid doing so. 

It’s because the autos are known to grow within harsher climatic conditions where rainfall is pretty low. This indicates that the autos do not require too much or excess water to grow. 

I will recommend you to use 5% to 10% of the pot volume and water forever for a couple of days and not more than that. 

  1. Don’t Go For HST or High-Stress Training.

HST or High-Stress Training is a big no-no when it comes to growing auto-flowering cannabis strains. Training your auto-flowers with the LST or Low-Stress Training will be an excellent idea. 

The LST technique is more like SCROG or side pulling. This is because these auto-flower plants do not like topping, stressing, and pruning because they can provide smaller yields.

That is why choosing the LST technique over the HST one will be suitable for your autos. 

  1. Plan Well Beforehand

The autoflowers will not provide you with much time. So you have to make all your preparations in advance. You need to choose the right medium [Hydroponics, soilless, or soil]. 

You also have to select the best nutrient, choose the right set of lights, ensure adequate ventilation. 

If you are unsure of what you have to do and spend time contemplating your next steps, then Poof! The harvest will be nothing more than a dry yield. 

With other plants, you get time to plan out things right after sowing the seeds. But I am requesting, please don’t think of doing that for autoflower plants due to its rapid progression from seeds to harvest. 

Remember, once you soak the seeds into the water, the clock will instantly start ticking. That is why you must plan everything before you take the next step of growing them. 

All clear? Let’s move ahead then.

  1. Opt For Containers That Drains Well

The containers you choose should be proportional to the plant’s size. 

Let me give you an example. 

You will find medium-sized plants that require 5 gallons to 7 gallons containers, and giant plants will need 11 gallons of containers. 

The type of container you opt for will also play a massive role, and autoflowers love the aerated soil, which can drain brilliantly. My point is that you should go for breathable containers, such as FABRIC POTS, to ensure optimal drainage. 

  1. Choose The Best Climate And Lighting For The Autos

When it’s about autos, you must allow the plants to grow when they are currently in their vegetative stage. This means you can grow the autos during the month of September or March. 

Keep in mind one thing; the plants have to grow when they receive adequate light. So when you are growing them outside, make sure they receive plenty of sunlight. 

But if you are an indoor grower, you must use the full-spectrum LED lights to provide a good amount of warmth. Personally, I will advise you to grow these plants indoors as they will snowball and expose any unwanted problems. 

The room temperature should be between 66 Degrees to 77 Degrees, and the humidity should be between 50% to 70%.

  1. Try To Lessen Down The Nutrient Strength

It’s pretty standard for beginners to load plenty of nutrients in their autos and then burn them completely. 

Stop right there! Don’t try to OVERFEED the plant with too many nutrients. It’s not healthy…. at all!

The photoperiod plants carry large roots, and the autos have small roots. So you have to provide the nutrients accordingly. Start with light feeding, and once it reaches the flowering stage, you must alter the nutrients. 

  1. Keep A Close Eye On The pH

Soil pH stands out as an essential factor. It helps determine the yield of the autoflowering marijuana strains. Whether you are using soil or soilless for growing the plants, pH is pretty vital.

When you grow the autos on the soil, the pH level should be from 6.0 to 7.0. For the hydroponic system, the pH level should be from 5.5 to 6.5. 

Make sure to monitor the pH level well to avoid unnecessary issues. 

Final Thoughts

Growing autos is no big deal these days as both first-time and seasoned growers love them. Explore the above points and be ready for epic yields compared to the cultivation efforts needed   

Questions? Opinions? Thoughts? Do let us know in the comments below.