The using of supplement powder to get enough protein if you have not taking this from foods. To gain your mental strength and maintain your body fitness proper diet is compulsory. Sometimes due to your regular busy work schedule, you cannot take proper food. Rawpowders helps to complete your deficit protein and energy to remains you fit all time.  

Mind Power build up Powder:-

Suppose you have a strong body but you do not feel the suitable energy. The reason behind that feeling is extra stress. When you have extra stress, the sleeplessness, anxiety and lack of confidence annexation you.  Your mind is going to out of control and the result of those is complete failure in life. The Rawpowders offers pure phenibut power to release yourself from the depression.

Phenibut is a GABAergic nootropic that helps to reduce your depression and gives you a relaxed mind. The phenibut is a Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid HCL. This powder is very popular to given relaxation. Most of the user said the phenibut helps them to fight against anxiety or depression. The most important information, you should not take this powder with alcohol. You should not use the phenibut for a long time. Such as do not take continuously for two weeks without any break. The effects would be turn into a wrong way for your body.


  • It can be decreased Insomnia
  • Provide calmness and relaxation.
  • Reduce the social anxiety and stress.
  • Improve communication skill, memory power.

Muscle Build up and lose body fat :-

Body fitness is very important for everyone. It does not necessary that you make a muscular body. Only physical fitness is enough for everybody. If you have interest in bodybuilding or muscle build up then you should include a useful supplementary powder in your daily basics diet program. Extra supplement always gives you the extra potential for your workout. L-Leucine powder has equal importance for both general health as well as athletic performance. This powder mostly used by bodybuilders. L-Leucine can help to build up muscle growth and it can reduce the fat level from your body.  

Leucine is one out of tree Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). It is very useful for those people who want to build up muscle without taken high daily protein. That supplement can help to control your body weight with increase protein synthesis. L-Leucine helps to reduce unwanted body weight instead of building strong muscle with lean mass.


  • Improve Muscle growth.
  • Decrease unnecessary body fat.
  • Provide energy.
  • Stress release.
  • Improve lean body mass.

Supplement always good for health if you used it under your trainer or doctor’s guidance. Chose that supplement which is suite for your body.