How to be the Best General Dentist in Homer Glen?

As a general dentist in Homer Glen, you will have the chance to work in a variety of settings. As a career option, it is considered one of the best career choices. You get huge benefits in terms of salary, growth, opportunities, etc. However, being a dentist can be a challenging task, and if you want to choose this as a career, you need to be quite focused and hardworking. 

Mentioned below are the necessary steps for being a general dentist:

Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to being a dentist is the completion of a bachelor’s degree. It is during these four years of undergraduate study that the foundation is built. You will have to perform well in science subjects, including biochemistry, biology, statistics, etc. 

Passing the DAT

To enter a dental school, you need to pass the Dental Admission Test. The test is designed to check if you possess the necessary math skills. It also checks your proficiency in critical thinking, algebra, fractions, etc. You need to perform the best on the test, and the scores are measured between 1 and 30. The minimum DAT score varies from school to school. That is, for one dental school, the cut-off may be 25, and for the other, it may be 18. It is only after scoring the minimum DAT score you become eligible for admission to the dental school. 

Admission into a Dental School

As you pass the test, admission is an easy procedure once you have submitted all the required materials. Here you will gain an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. It can be an overwhelming task to complete these four years, but with the right dedication, it is very much possible.


You can be licensed after you pass the National Board of Dental Examinations (NDBE). As you become a licensed dentist, you become more experienced and qualified in the sphere. These tests are designed to test your proficiency in clinical knowledge, which may include oral surgery, pharmacology, etc. 

Dental health is a crucial factor for every person, and with people becoming more health-conscious with every passing day, the demand for dentists is on the rise. As you clear all the required steps mentioned above, you can become the best general dentist helping people with the most effective oral care and treatment.