Natural Remedies: Do They Really Work

What are the natural remedies for fever in children? Do grandma’s remedies work? When should an antipyretic be used?

There is talk of fever when the body temperature exceeds 37 ° C (or 37.5 ° C, if we talk about internal temperature). The causes can be manifold; in any case, fever is a normal response of the organism, a defense mechanism, and can be accompanied by several other symptoms, including headache, loss of appetite, sore throat and generalized malaise. 

Fever spares no one in younger children, however, it is a more common occurrence, especially in the early days when children begin to attend a community, for example the nursery or kindergarten. Natural remedies for fever in children If the temperature is not excessively high, i.e. up to 38.5 ° C, it is often not necessary to take drugs to control the fever. It is always advisable to resort to some precautions. The iHerb 紹介コード is essential there.

The first natural remedies for fever in children are as simple as they are important:

Avoid covering the baby too much to help disperse excess heat

Make him drink a lot; everyone must drink a lot of fluids in case of fever, but especially children, who tend to dehydrate more easily than adults. For example, water, fruit juices, juices, chamomile, vegetable broth, milk are fine. On the other hand, it is not appropriate to force children who have a fever to eat.

Keep children with fever at rest, but not necessarily in bed, in an environment with moderate temperature, that is, neither cold nor excessively hot and with the right degree of humidity.

What about grandma’s remedies?

Grandma’s remedies for fever in children are not always highly recommended. To give relief to the little ones, you can practice sponging and refreshing frictions. On the other hand, it is not appropriate to use ice on the head to bring down the fever, the excess of cold tricks the apparatus that regulates body temperature, originating a paradoxical effect, in this case it may happen that the fever drops and then rises immediately after reaching even higher temperatures.

When to use drugs to lower fever In general, natural remedies for fever in children are sufficient and it is not necessary to resort to drugs if the axillary temperature does not exceed 38.5 ° C degrees (or 39 ° C if we talk about internal temperature), especially if the child with fever plays, has appetite and shows no signs of being unwell. 

  • Otherwise, when the child seems rather suffering, it may be appropriate to administer an antipyretic even with a lower fever. 

Yes: but which drugs?

The only antipyretic drugs sufficiently studied against fever in children are acetaminophen and ibuprofen, the latter is also an anti-inflammatory. Never give other drugs to children without asking the pediatrician for advice. With iHerb promo code sg you can go for the best natural medications.

In any case, always call the doctor in case of high fever or if the child appears to be suffering. Of course, it is also possible to resort to naturopathy or homeopathy for children, but do-it-yourself is absolutely not recommended. In case you want to use these remedies, always seek the advice of a specialist.