The Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

One doesn’t become world’s greatest professional bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger by accident; he needs to follow all applicable training principles and workout program that underlie his body building success. Besides workout, he needs to rigorously follow the nutrition plan, thoughts on motivation, knowledge and the training philosophy. An iron mind is required to acquire the epic physique like him. His unique vision and drive led him to the success for such body building which is aspired by hundreds of people. By applying his insights to your life, you can achieve some percent of success and by regularly practicing those work out and exercises methods, you can achieve 100 percent success. His signature nutrition plan should also be followed since it will add bonanza to the work out plan. His biceps and triceps are not only famous in his own country but he is looked upon worldwide. He is the masterpiece of body builder apart as an actor. His body posture complements his acting skills superbly.

Two of his known typical work out and split structures are as follows:

  1. Each of the major body part like chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms, and lower back are trained in a week, each part twice a week. This routine was featured in the book “the new Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins, as well as filmed for the movies Pumping Iron and Arnold Schwarzenegger The Comeback. This exercise pattern is achieved by exercise variations in the following manner:

DAY 1 and DAY 4:

        Bench press, incline bench press and dumbbell pullovers-  for Chest

        Chin Up, Bent over row, Deadlift- for Back

        Crunches- for Abs

              DAY 2 and DAY 5:

        Barbell clean and press, dumbbell lateral rise, upright row, military press- for shoulders

        Standing barbell curl, seated dumbbell curl, close grip bench press, standing barbell tricep extension – for arms

        Wrist curls and reverse wrist curls- for forearms

        Reverse crunch- for Abs

               DAY 3 and DAY 6:

        Squat, Lunge and Leg curl- for legs

        Stiff leg Deadlift and Good mornings- for lower back

        Standing calf raise- for calves

        Crunches- for Abs

All of these exercises are done as three to four sets with around 10 reps on attempt to reach failure.

  1. Another workout variation followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger is that each bodypart is trained 3 times per week and it is among higher frequency workouts.

DAY 1, DAY 3 and DAY 5:

         Bench press, dumbbell eye, incline bench press, cable crossovers, dips and dumbbell pullover-  for Chest

         Wide grip pull up, T bar row, seated pulley row, one arm dumbbell row and stiff leg deadlift- for  back

         Squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, barbell lunge – for legs

         Standing calf rise, seated calf rise, one leg dumbbell calf rise- for calves

         Wrist curl, reverse barbell curl and wrist roller machine- for forearms

         Non-stop Abs training for 30 minutes- for Abs


DAY 2, DAY 4 and DAY 6:

         Barbell curl, seated dumbbell curl, dumbbell concentration curl- for biceps

         Close grip bench press, triceps pushdown, barbell French press and one arm dumbbell triceps extension- for triceps

         Seated barbell press, lateral rise, cable lateral rise and rear delt lateral rise- for shoulders

         Standing calf raise, seated calf raise, one leg dumbbell calf raise- for calves

         Wrist curl, reverse barbell curl and wrist roller machine- for forearms

         Non-stop Abs training for 30 minutes- for Abs

               Here, each of these is repeated for 6 sets.