Your Guide on How to Use a Hands-Free Breast Pump

If you are a mother, there is a good possibility that you have wished that you had extra hands at some point. Being a mother is a challenging balancing act that demands you to take on various roles and responsibilities, frequently all at once. Therefore, when you add pumping to the list of never-ending activities, it is simple to get overwhelmed by all that has to be done. Breast pumps that don’t need you to use your hands have been a long time favourite among mothers, and for a good reason: not only do they make pumping breast milk simpler, but they also make it simpler to switch between other tasks. Therefore, if you lead a busy life, you should probably consider purchasing a breast pump that doesn’t require using your hands.

A hands-free breast pump can provide you the flexibility you need to flourish, allowing you to do things like cuddle with your baby or give yourself some much-needed “me time.” This article will guide you on the proper use of a hands-free breast pump further down in this article.

It’s as easy as counting to three to use a breast pump that doesn’t require your hands. However, much like starting a new job, it might be nerve-wracking at first. The use of your pump is described in detail below, step by step.

Step 1: Clean your hands

At the beginning of each pumping session, regardless of the pump you use, you should always ensure your hands are clean.

Step 2: Make sure your pump is in the correct position

You can easily make room for your breast pump inside of your nursing bra. Before assembling the rest of your pumping devices, you must check that the flange is properly positioned on the breast.

Step 3: Get pumping

Start your workout by powering up your pump and any other attachments that will assist you in monitoring your progress. When you first begin, check to see that you have a good seal and that the milk is not leaking out of the pump as it is sucking.

It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? Your hands are completely at your disposal since your hands-free breast pump is safely tucked away in your bra, and you can do whatever you want with them.

Additional tips

If you are still a little lost, here are some tips on hands-free breast pumping:

  • Leaning on a breast shield or pushing it too tight against the skin might compress your milk ducts and impede milk flow.
  • Massage your breasts every now and then while pumping to assist the milk flow freely from all of your ducts. After pumping, inspect your breasts for full breast discharge; they should be tender.
  • If you continue to suffer soreness or pain when pumping hands-free, discontinue use and seek counsel from a lactation consultant or nursing specialist.