4 Questions You Should Ask the Dentist before Agreeing to Any Dental Procedure

Other than cleaning and scaling of teeth, the most common dental treatments are cavity filling, root canal, and root planning. There are many more special dental treatments that popular dental clinics like Clinique Dentaire Malka offer, including restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, and more.

If the dentist suggests any treatment, you do not have to agree unless you are satisfied about their requirement. You can question your dentist about it and then decide whether you really would like to go ahead with the treatment as suggested. You can probably get relevant answers for your indecision if you ask the following to your dentist:

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What Are the Types of Filling Used?

This question is amust as it concerns your current and future health. If the dentist suggests a metal filling, you must go and see another one. Metal fillings pose some dangers, which is why ceramic fillings are considered a safer option. There is some danger associated with all types of filling materials and continuous R&D is in process to find better alternatives. The trending fillings for your cavities are made from composite resin and plastic fillings as the risk associated is much lesser.

Are You Opting for the Least Invasive Procedure for My Treatment?

It is possible that the dentist opts for a procedure, which is the easiest and most convenient for him and from which he can get better returns. Sometimes, they may suggest what’s easiest.The patients should ask questions ensuring that they do not go for unnecessary procedure if the same result can be obtained from a simpler treatment.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Procedure?

It is a sign of responsibility to want to know of any possible risk associated with the procedure. Once you know the risks and benefits, you can make an informed decision about going ahead with the treatment.

Can You Explain the Situation in Detail So ThatI Can Ask for a Second Opinion?

It is important for the patient to know whether the treatment is really necessary and if a second opinion is needed. The reason could be a lack of comfort with the dentist; it could even be the feeling that the dentist is simply trying to make money off something, which can be treated in a different way. It is your right to ask!

If the dentist is not happy about explaining his reasons to you, he could very well be faking the need for a certain procedure. Only when you are satisfied about the risk and benefits and the necessity of the procedure, should you agree to go ahead with it.