5 Must-Know Fun Facts About Gluteal Muscles That You May Be Unaware!

The world today is progressing towards attaining a perfect hourglass figure which includes working of the gluteal muscles. It forms a very integral part of our body and helps in many bodily functions, some we aren’t even aware of.

For you to be in your best shape and get the body you desire you need to understand the functions of the muscles and importance. This is why we have compiled a list of lesser-known and fun-filled facts about your gluteal muscles

  1. Your Gluteus is All about Teamwork

Unlike the popular belief gluteal muscles aren’t just made up of a single muscle but a team of three muscles which are gluteus maximums, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The Maximus is the largest one and pretty much makes up your entire butt and give it its shape and size. The other two help gluteus Maximus when you raise your leg or thrust your hips in the forward direction. Together they form an ideal dream team.

  1. Gluteus and Machines Don’t Mix

One of the major mistakes people make is relying on machines to tone their butts. Machines isolate a single layer of your muscles which leave the other muscles behind. The best way to tone your butt is to try functional bodyweight training exercises like squats and bridges to strengthen all the layers of the muscle and not just one.

  1. You can Shape them however You like

Not all muscles in our body are capable of changing their shape while gluteal muscles are extremely flexible and can be reshaped by work out. You can enlarge them and attain the body of your dreams. This can be achieved by working out or taking butt enhancement pills which have proven to be equally effective to score a bigger booty.

  1. Having a Bigger Butt is Advantageous

Having a large butt is not just about attaining high beauty standards but also boost a lot of self-confidence in you. It makes you look attractive which increases your self-esteem and can improve your overall mental as well as physical health.

Women’s butts are typically larger than men’s because estrogen causes fat to accumulate on their butts instead of their stomachs. So start applying butt enhancement cream and get that perfect booty in no time.

  1. You are constantly using your Gluteus

We many times underestimate the power of our gluteal muscles which play an integral part in our day to day functions. Gluteus help you to sit straight, support your body when you stand, help you push off the ground and you a better sense of general.

Your every movement is the result of your gluteal muscles at work. They are the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body which means if you work them you can torch some serious calories.

The above facts give some fair idea about the functionality of gluteal muscles and their importance in our day to day lives, so you know how to work and maintain them.