6 Natural Herbs that Can Give You Relief from Jet Lag

Troubled with jet lag that cannot be avoided and no natural remedies are effective, find out 6 of the best herbs that can help you get rid of the problem.


Jet lag is a physiological condition that causes a lot of discomfort to an individual, which occurs when people travel across the time zones. It is also known as time zone change syndrome or in medical terms as desynchronosis. It is a phenomenon that can happen to anyone belonging to any age group as every person in this world has their own set of internal body clock which gets disturbed due to travelling in daylight hours. Jet lag can disturb your sleep at night and make you feel tired and stretchy during the day that can lead to many other health problems such as in-digestion, vomiting, headaches, etc.

Your body has a 24 hour internal body clock that is controlled by the circadian rhythms that regulates sleep and other functions of your body. The body clock is further influenced by the cycles of sunlight and darkness. When either one of the cycles gets disrupted then the individual can face an adverse effect on their brains which tries to adjust with the new cycle. The severity of the problem can be declared depending on the time taken by the person to cross the time zone. Shorter the period, more sever the problem is likely to be.

Many studies suggest that roughly 90% of all the travelers that travel across the time zones experiences jet lag. Some of them gets severely affected by jet lag while some may hardly get affected by it. Generally it is presumed that it takes around one day per time zone crossed for your body to get adjusted to the change. But if you want your body and mind to quickly get adjusted to the new cycle then you can take help from some of the best natural herbs available that can provide relief to your body.

Here are the 6 best natural herbs that can give you relief from jet lag

  • Adaptogenic herb Ginseng

Ginseng is a North Asian oriented plant which is above all the other adaptogens because of the health benefits that it gives. But, the ginseng extract that has the most powerful medicinal qualities is the Red Panax Ginseng that offers a quick relief from jet lag by increasing the oxygen utilization in your body to keep your mind in senses during jet lag.

When the root of panax ginseng is six or more years old, it becomes red in color which is more powerful than the white roots which is less than six years old. According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, which summarizes the effectiveness and safety of herbal supplements based on scientific research, the Ginseng extract made out of the roots of Red Panax Ginseng has proven to improve the mental function and immune system of an individual to help you get relief from the jet lag. It can be consumed by adding red panax ginseng roots into the boiling water for few minutes.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is another most effective herb when it comes to treating jet lag problem which can be consumed by both adults and kids whoever face the problem. Chamomile is an herb that people have been using since ages where it is believed that it is used to help with sleep problems.

To consume it you need few dried chamomile flowers and boiling water. By adding the flowers into the boiling water and stirring it for some time, you have a good herbal chamomile tea ready helping you overcome the jet lag. Consuming it for couple of times in a day can help your body adjust soon enough to the current time zone you are in.

  • Passion flower

Passion flower extract is equally beneficial as the Ginseng extract. Passion flower extract helps you restore the internal body clock to the present time zone and improves your sleeping pattern that had been distorted due to jet lag.

Just like adding Red Panax Ginseng roots to the boiling water, a similar process is used to make medicinal tea using passion flowers. To make it all you need is a teaspoon of dried passion flowers and add it into the boiling water and let it boil for about 10-12 minutes. Consuming it for about two to three times in a day will help you get better results.

  • Hops

Hops is a plant with long stems with a height that can go up to 22 feet. It has a dark green colored and heart shaped leaves with finely toothed edge. With presence of an acid named valerianic acid, which is useful in relaxing the central nervous system, it helps in building the body clock and does not allow the anxiety and stress to be dominant.

Consuming hops as an infusion in the form of tea in the evening time is beneficial to get the best results. If consumed as a tablet or capsules, then 500mg is the proper dosage for it. It can help you sleep peacefully at night.

  • John’s wort

St. John’s Wort is a remedy that is being used for ages to cure many health-related problems including jet lag. If it is used before the trip every fortnightly then it increases your endurance level. It is a yellowish colored flower that is also used by the travellers weeks before their flights in order to overcome the fear of heights.

It can be consumed in the form of infusion for two to three times in a week for better results. By adding the dried flower into the boiling water for few minutes a nice tea can be prepared. Today is one of the well known method to overcome jet lag.

  • Wu Wei Zi

The traditional herb also known as schisandra which is native to china that is known for giving that extra stamina required by the people who is suffering from jet lag. The infusion made from the dried herb of wo wei zi berry can help your body clock to get stabilized and combat the problems associated with it.

The quality that makes it different from other herbs is the fact that it contains all five flavors in one. sweet, sour, acrid, bitter and salty that together gave it’s name. It can be used by boiling the dried flowers of wo wie zi in water and consume it as a tea to get rid of jet lag.


These herbs not only help you get your body clock in rhythm again but also helps you fight the problems that come along with jet lag. Till the day where individuals continue to travel long distance by air, none can avoid jet lag but its effect can surely be reduced. May it be the Red Panax Ginseng as a part of Ginseng extract or may it be chamomile or evey other herb mentioned here, all give you one thing in common, a life after travelling long distance where you can sleep at night and do your work in the morning time.