An Introduction on Plastic and Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery

With the tremendous growth in medical science, there is a major development in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is undertaken to change or restructure the appearance of characteristic or a body part. On the other hand cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is taken up by an individual who wishes to change the physical appearance of a body feature. Plastic and cosmetic surgeries have their own goals and treatment.

Plastic surgery is a reconstructive surgery which in medical terms is a treatment used to improvise dysfunctional body parts. It can bring a change in a person’s appearance; it is mainly directed to restore function. Cosmetic surgery is totally elective and initiated by a person to change or modify the appearance of the physical feature. It works best for scar removal, but is has to be done by a qualified plastic/aesthetic surgeon like Dr. Michael Miroshnik.

Plastic surgery can be defined as the best surgical process which is dedicated mainly to reconstruction of body or facial defect due to birth disorders, burns, trauma and disease. It is intended to improvise dysfunctional parts of the body.

Examples of Plastic Surgery Techniques:

  • Burn Repair Surgery-If your wound or burn is very severe, you may have to go for the procedure of debriding, and it is the removal of tissue which is dead. This surgical procedure is performed prior to reconstructive surgery. After this procedure Skin Grafting is done.
  • Breast Reconstruction- This surgery is done for the rebuilding of a breast, mostly in women. In this kind of surgery, autologous prosthetic or tissue material is used to construct a natural-looking breast.
  • Congenital Defect Repair: Cleft Palate or Extremity Defect Repair- The surgery is to correct cleft palate defect, known as Cheiloplasty. It is a surgical technique to correct a groove-like defect in the lip.
  • Hand Surgery-The hand surgery deals with both non-surgical and surgical treatment to cure any problems relating to upper extremity or hand due to infection and injury.
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction- It refers to the surgical procedure that reconstructs and restores a limb after infection trauma or cancer, which have damaged it. The main goal for this procedure is to preserve the limb to maintain its appearance and functioning, in order to avoid complete or partial amputation of the limb. It is done using all the latest technique available nowadays.
  • Scar Revision Surgery-This kind of surgery is done to minimize/reduce a scar, so that it is very less conspicuous and smoothly blends in with the skin texture and tone.

All these surgeries should be performed by a trusted and a well-experienced surgeon like Dr. Michael Miroshnik, in order to avoid any complications. Though a lot of research has gone to make these kinds of plastic/aesthetic surgeries successful, but still you should be extra careful.

Plastic surgery is a boon to anindividual who has some kind of hereditary defect or met an accident. Plastic and aesthetic surgery definitely boosts one’s confidence level and helps an individual to stay high.