Benefits of a healthy breakfast

Breakfast, or breakfast, is the most important meal of the day: it “wakes up” the digestive system, replenishes all the energy we spend during sleep and still leaves the body ready for all the other foods that will be received by it during the time when we are awake. A well-made meal early in the morning also helps to reduce food impulses that arrive at night and weigh the stomach, disrupting sleep. Therefore, an active, willing and well-functioning body and mind require a balanced and careful breakfast. We organize essential components for a good breakfast in three pillars:


When combined with the ideal consumption of water, insoluble fibers, present in cereals and fruit peels, are largely responsible for the proper functioning of the intestine and prevent colds. Soluble ones can be found in oats, citrus fruits and soy, for example. They give a feeling of satiety, control cholesterol and glycemic indexes and even protect against bowel cancer.


They are responsible for providing useful amino acids in the construction and maintenance of all the organs and tissues of our body. Proteins also help in the aforementioned feeling of satiety, which helps you choose healthy foods throughout the day. They can be found in milk and all its derivatives, in nuts, Brazil nuts and eggs, in addition to meat and fish.


Essential for breakfast, they basically have the function of providing our energy in a healthy way. If cut off from food, the body is forced to withdraw energy from proteins – and then we lose muscle strength and feel more tired. Simple carbohydrates, present in sugar, white bread and most cookies, offer immediate energy and a shorter duration. The ideal is to prioritize the consumption of complex carbohydrates, which are slowly digested by the body and keep the energy present in the body for a longer time, offering continuous disposition. They can be found in whole-grain bread and biscuits, in apples and chickpeas.

A breakfast rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates also guarantees the presence of vitamins and antioxidants in the body and, associated with the quality of other meals, results in an active, healthy, and willing functioning of the body and mind. Good meal!

Breakfast: Why is it so important for health?

To ward off stress and start the day with energy and disposition, it is important to invest in a healthy and nutritious breakfast that includes foods from different groups. Without this, the body will force itself to save energy. This will result in a lack of disposition, something that is not good for those who have a more hectic routine and will also result in a drop in caloric expenditure, thus making it difficult to lose weight during the day.

The breakfast habit also helps to speed up the body, helping to burn calories and prevents hunger peaks during the day. In addition, when you finally have a meal, the individual will eat much more and much faster than he normally would, thus favoring weight gain. Functional nutritionist Dafne Oliveira says that, with a prolonged fast, there is a greater burning of muscle and favoring the stock of fat in the abdominal region.