CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction: How Do I Know Which Treatment to Choose?

Even though CoolSculpting and liposuction aim to achieve the same thing, the procedures are immensely different. Let’s take a closer look at these two popular procedures.

Understanding Liposuction

Developed in the late 90s, Liposuction was the original treatment for stubborn fat. Where Suction Assisted Lipectomy was once the only option, today, there are many other types of liposuction available, each of which works really well.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, which means a general or local anaesthetic and incisions will be required. The type of anaesthetic that is administered will depend on the area being treated. Even though the incisions are relatively small, patients will need a few weeks to recover from the bruising, pain and swelling.

Understanding CoolSculpting

Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require a sedative or anaesthetic.

During your CoolSculpting appointment, a disposable gel pad will be placed over the treatment area. A handheld device will then be placed over the pad and controlled cooling will be applied to the area. Once the fat has been frozen, the area will be massaged.

This procedure is not painful because the area goes numb once the cooling is applied. Like liposuction though, patients may need to wait a week or two before they will see results.

Which Treatment is a Better Option for Me?

Of the two options, liposuction is definitely more aggressive and will remove more fat in a single session. Most patients would need several CoolSculpting sessions to achieve the same results that liposuction would. The only downside of liposuction is that it is invasive and you will need a longer recovery period.

Also, if you want to use your own fat to add volume to another area of your body such as the buttocks, liposuction is the better option.

CoolSculpting treatments are more ideal for smaller fat pockets and is ideal for those looking to avoid surgery altogether.

In terms of how much each treatment will cost, this will all depend on the area being treated and how much fat needs to be removed. The larger the area and the more fat needs to be removed, the more CoolSculpting sessions you will need.

In the end, how you feel about each procedure and how much fat you’re looking to remove should be the two factors that you consider when deciding on a treatment. If you would really prefer to avoid surgery and you’re happy with less dramatic results then CoolSculpting in Perth at Academy Face and Body clinic is definitely a great option. However, if you just want all of your fat gone as soon as possible and you don’t mind the recovery time, definitely opt for liposuction.

Whichever procedure you decide on, be sure to choose a qualified and experienced clinic and doctor that will be able to provide you with safe and effective results. It’s also incredibly important that you approach both of these treatments with realistic expectations.