Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis has proved its medical and recreational benefits to its users. The effects of cannabis differ from user to user. The factors on which its effects depend are dosed, mood variations, individual prospect, state of mind, and the community surroundings in which the medicine is used.

Major changes that cannabis brings out in its users are as follows:

  • The user may feel a very exciting and sever mood change. It may bring out excitement, happiness, overjoyed, calm, and candid.
  • The user can become very touchy and sensitive to things around it. The user will have space and time contemplating on its own.
  • The other noticeable changes on users are food cravings, widen pupils, bloodshot eyes and increased heart beat, and pulse rate.
  • After high dosage the user may lose his focus. This is why THC high strains should be avoided when driving or operating a machine/
  • The user may experience some negative effects, such as nervous, panic, reserve and frightening feelings.
  • The user who uses a large amount of cannabis may turn out to be knocked out or confused and may face some lethal hang-up -forgetting about him – not aware where he belongs to, what the time is and why he is here.
  • Some users may experience the mood swings, disconnected feelings, obsession, phobia attack, illusion, and thoughts of futility.
  • The effects of cannabis are very irregular and unpredictable. The effects can be felt just after a few minutes and the change can reach to its peak round about 15 to 30 minutes. The user may experience these changes for round about two to three hours. One compound of cannabis is THC.  This cannabinoid is soluble in liquids and may be stored in human body.

CBD Oil has a lot of medical benefits to its users. Consult your doctor for medical prescription and proceed to the nearest dispensary or you can order CBD products online from cannabusinesslenders.com.