Efficacy of homeopathy in treating allergic rhinitis

If you have a problem with a stuffy nose, runny nose, difficulty in breathing with congestion, itchy nose or a sneezy feeling all the time, chances are you are suffering from allergic rhinitis. “Rhin” means nose and “itis” means inflammation. Sometimes, your immune system acts like an overly sensitive intruder alarm system and might deem an otherwise harmless substance as an intruder. These allergic rhinitis symptoms occur when the body overreacts to potential allergens. Statistics show that nearly 30% of the world population is affected by allergic rhinitis.


There are various factors triggering allergic rhinitis causes. The most common type of rhinitis is hay fever. It causes inflammation in the nose when a person breathes in pollen from plants found in the air. Particles from the skin sheds of furry animals like cats and dogs or substance let-go from cockroaches and dust mites can also trigger these symptoms. The latter is year-round. Interestingly, evidence shows that early exposure to allergens is a potential shield against hypersensitivity. Children accustomed to living in rural areas, around farm animals are less inclined to develop allergic rhinitis symptoms.

Conventional treatment:

One way to seek evidence for an allergy is via a skin-prick test where small drops of potential allergens are placed on the skin and then pricked in with a tool. This isn’t all that reliable as a person’s skin might not be affected by said allergens but he might experience unusualness in his eyes and nasal cavity. Other times there may be a reaction on the skin at the time of the test but not elsewhere. Self-care is very important in such cases, simply avoiding the allergens is a good start. Antihistamine medication is commonly used to suppress the allergic rhinitis symptoms.

Of course, pharmaceutical drugs come with their side-effects. These include drowsiness. The patient taking these drugs are generally unaware at first that they are making them sleepy. It could affect your performance at work. The medications for allergic rhinitis symptoms could also impact your brain’s processing power. Your learning potential is effectively decreased and if you are someone working in a place like the construction site, you could be seriously injured. Significant overdosing may even cause vision impairment and may be fatal if you are a regular driver. Another possible (very rare) side effect could be cardiovascular events. It wouldn’t hurt you to look out for an alternative – Homeopathy.

Allergic rhinitis treatment in homeopathy:

It is the safest and the healthiest method toward treating allergic rhinitis. Remedies are made from organic substances that provide you with long-term relief. Research materials provide enough evidence that patients experiencing allergic rhinitis symptoms have testified that homeopathy is absolutely the best approach. Sooner or later people switch to homeopathy either by looking at similar cases or if someone refers it to them or out of sheer desperation because nothing else is working. Allergic rhinitis treatment in homeopathy is a natural evolution from the traditional medication approach and a step-up by all means.

There are a couple of pointers to keep in mind when opting for homeopathy. It is an individual based technique rather than “one size fits all”. Allergic rhinitis treatment in homeopathy uses several therapeutic strategies to come up with a customized prescription that suits an individual. Allergic rhinitis symptoms are vague and can be confused with several other conditions. Patient’s medical history is looked into and then remedies are assigned. Homeopathic treatment of allergic rhinitis is aimed at stimulating healing by going for the origin of the condition rather than just external satisfaction.

Bottom line:

Allergic rhinitis is a very common phenomenon and a hasty approach towards it is not the way to go. Consult a doctor at first and DO NOT take any medication on your discretion. Do what your doctor says only and hang in there, it will get better.