Get Few Facts Straightened Before Opting For Hair Smoothing Treatments San Diego

It has been found that a number of hair salons across the world use alarming levels of formaldehyde in their hair smoothening treatments. Therefore, you have to be absolutely sure about these treatment processes before you give in to the ever increasing demands of such treatment that claims to leave your hair smooth for several months. This will help you to save your hair from damage and premature falling when you will have no other alternative to wear a rough and coarse hair replacement system, not to talk about the inconvenience and the mental trauma.

Know About Formaldehyde

Therefore, if you do not want to regret your decision of undergoing hair smoothing treatments San Diego in full ignorance it is better to know about the toxic nature of formaldehyde and its effects on your hair and scalp. The chemical composition of formaldehyde can cause irritation immediately if you are sensitive and that can affect your eyes, skin and even the upper respiratory tract as well. These being short term can be overcome while the longer ones are more troubling in nature.

The Long Term Effects

Use of formaldehyde in increased levels in hair smoothing treatments San Diego can have serious long term effects as well. Formaldehyde has been classified and suspected as a human carcinogen by the federal OSHA and Environment Protection Agency or EPA. This is due to the fact that it leads to leukemia and nasal cancer. This will have serious effect in your entire body metabolism and will reduce your functionally dramatically, all for your wish to have a smooth and silky hair without knowing the consequences and which treatment to choose.

Choose The Right Salon

Therefore, you should choose only reliable and trustworthy hair salon in north county who are known to use approved and safe products for hair smoothening. It is easy to find such reliable salons which you can do with the help of the internet but the best way to do so is to rely on firsthand experience only. Therefore, talk to your friends and colleagues who may have undergone such treatments and take the names of the salons they visited. You can also read the testimonials of the customers in the website but make sure those are not self-posted by the company.

The Safety Standards

There are some safety standards that need to be followed in cosmetics and beauty treatment products. Therefore, when you visit a hair salon in North County you should check for the level of formaldehyde in the product.  Though it is preferred that the product should not contain any formaldehyde but if it does then it should not be more than the permissible limit which is 0.2 percent to be considered safe.