How to make alkaline water and possible benefits?

Alkaline water can be consumed during training to maintain hydration and combat the effect of lactic acid that increases during exercise. When alkaline water is consumed to improve performance in physical activity, the indication is that water is consumed during the day to keep the body in an alkaline pH range. However, it is also important that water with a pH equal to or below 7, as the excessive alkalinity of the organism can interfere in some processes. Thus, it is important to alternate the consumption of water types.

To prepare the alkaline water, just mix one coffee spoon of baking soda in each liter of water. Stir the solution, and drink the water. There are some other ways to make alkaline water at home. But, the best way is to get the best water dispenser in Singapore at affordable prices.

Possible benefits

The benefits of alkaline water are still very much discussed. It is believed that this water has a pH similar to that of blood, which is between 7.35 and 7.45, so it is believed that maintaining the pH in this range favors normal body processes. Thus, the possible benefits of alkaline water are numerous.

Improved muscle performance, since it can better eliminate excess accumulated lactic acid during physical activity, preventing the appearance of muscle cramps and injuries and decreasing the feeling of fatigue and the recovery time after training. It prevents premature aging, as it could act as an antioxidant. It can help treat reflux, as, according to one study, water pH above 8.8 can deactivate pepsin, which is the enzyme present in the stomach and is related to reflux.

On the other hand, the deactivation of pepsin can directly interfere with the digestive process and, therefore, this benefit still needs to be better evaluated. It could prevent cancer, since the more acidic environment can favor the differentiation and proliferation of malignant cells. Some studies suggest that alkaline water could lower blood viscosity, helping the circulatory system and the oxygenation efficiency of muscles and tissues. Despite this, further studies need to be carried out to confirm this benefit; science works to verify the relevance of alkaline water in our daily lives.

Other possible benefits of alkaline water are improving the immune system, improving the appearance and hydration of the skin, aiding in the weight loss process, besides having benefits for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. By making the blood pH always alkaline, there is less chance of developing cancer.

Conclusion: But is it natural or artificial?

Alkaline water is present in nature, due to its contact with rocks and the soil, which release minerals, increasing their alkalinity. Some techniques can reinforce the alkalinity of water, such as ionizing purifiers, which make alkaline water ionized with due rigor and consumption pattern. According to the World Health Organization, the consumption of water with low mineral content is not recommended for regular nutrition, as it is low in minerals important to our body.