How to save yourself from negative energy

It is quite common for most people to consider some other person either their neighbor, colleague or even a family member to be a negative person who is bad and does not mean good for others. But, one usually fails to realize is that negativity could be ingrained in you as well and you either fail to or refuse to accept it. every individual exudes a vibe that could be positive or negative. These vibes are picked up in the subliminal or subconscious levels. This exactly is the reason why you like or dislike certain persons even if you are meeting for the first time. negativity can be contagious. You must focus on removing negative energies to exude a positive vibe and invite positivity into your life.

How to detect negative energy?

To focus on inviting positivity, you have got to first detect negative energy. The symptoms for the presence of negative energy in your body include

  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Mood swings that happen quite often
  • Tension
  • Confused mind
  • Restlessness

How to detect negative energy in your house?

 There are indeed many ways to detect negative energies in the house.  A method put forth by Mark Bajerski is the process that involves the use of lemon.  It is believed that lemons can pick up the presence of negative energy.  You just have to leave the lemon in the room to read the energy of the room. if the lemon dries up maintaining its yellow color, you can confirm that there is a presence of strong positive energy. Whereas, the development of black dots or fuzzy green effect indicates the presence of negative energy.

 Alternatively, you may take a glass tumbler, fill one-third of the tumbler with sea salt. fill two thirds with white vinegar and the rest with tap water. place his glass in the place where you suspect negative energy. Ensure you keep the glass during the day and is well hidden as well. When you remove the glass in a day or two, if the water is plain, it indicates that there is nothing wrong while a pale yellow or green color indicates the presence of negative energy in the house.

You might be wondering if the indication of negative energy in the house points to negative spirit lurking in your home. it is not that.  Bad energy can build up from unwashed spaces, old things, things that are broken and not used anymore, etc. all these can contribute to the negativity within the house. Also, Vaasthu faults in your home can be the reason for the negativity.

Removing negative energies

When you detect the presence of negative energies you can speed up the process of removing negative energies. You can consult a Vaastu consultant to make changes in your house that would help you get rid of the problem. The other ways in which you can save yourself from negative energies from your body and home include

 Home cleansing

 Vacuum and dust your home regularly. Make sure that you clean every nook and corner of your home.  You may use sage cleansing as an effective remedy to remove negative energy owing to lower vibrational energy that might enter your space. Sage is believed to neutralize the negative energy in the home by carrying away the unwanted energy with its smoke.

 Ventilating your home

 Keep the rooms ventilated to make sure you keep the windows and doors open regularly making space for negative energy to escape.

Practice salt cleansing

 You can use salt cleansing by keeping salt in every corner of the room. Salt is believed to suck up the bad energy like how a vacuum cleaner does removing the negative energies in the space.

 Lighting candles

 Lighting candles, especially white candles can remove negative energy and help create an environment of peace and tranquillity.  It can also be used to practice meditation and healing therapies that would help remove negative energy from your body and your home.

 Using crystals and purified holy water are some of the other ways to remove negative energy from your body and your home. Raw crystals such as Rosequartz and Aquamarine are considered to be effective in getting rid of negative energy.