Is It Worth Taking Risk With Saizen Injections?

Saizen injection is a very promising drug and can produce very high levels of muscle mass as well as reduce fat from the body. However, it is not steroid but an injectable version of HGH. Before you decide to use this injection, you must check the risks, so that you can protect yourself against side effects. Since, HGH is a very potent hormone you must know its effect, which can influence you both positively as well as negatively. Particularly the risks associated must be carefully evaluated.

Basic details of Saizen injection

Saizen has been developed by Merck for the treatment of both children and adults, who are suffering from growth hormone deficiency. There are many other pharmaceutical companies also manufacturing this drug and every manufacturer recommends different dosage levels. However the common practice is 0.18 mg per kg of weight of the individual. The dosage can either be taken six times or three alternating week days.  

Saizen is an injectable somatropin, which is administered either under the skin or into a muscle. If you buy this injection from any illegal underground source then it is injected by using traditional needle and syringe. In many cases, it is supplied in powder form, which is mixed with sterile liquid solution for injecting.

Merck supplies its injection form with a device designed for children, so that it is easier to administer them. It almost looks like a magic marker pen. These pens have pre-set dosage and the needle remains hidden. The device is just pressed against the skin. Some manufacturers also make needle free device that uses a spring like mechanism, which needs to be inserted into the skin.

Dosage requirements for bodybuilders may vary from one person to another. The premeasured dosages are generally between 5 mg to 8.8 mg cartridges. Dosages are based on varieties of reasons like age, gender etc., usually this hormone is used for 6 days in a week.

Bodybuilders usually take higher dosage than what is recommended for medical usage.

Side effects of Saizen injection

Side effects can also happen, during medical use of this drug. Therefore doctors usually start with lower dosage and carefully monitor the condition. Generally, the dosages are increased at very small rate so that side effects can be minimized.

Body builders should therefore use this injection for limited period and if no results are observed then they must stop using it.