Know all about being a Nurse

I’m a nurse by profession: And I would not change it for any other. I am sure that still, although few, don’t know in depth our profession and responsibility that we have on the health of the population. I regret to tell you that we are not frustrated doctors or “sexy girls with coifs.” Being a nurse is a choice. I don’t completely agree with those who say that nurses are only a vocation because nursing is understanding and understanding the needs of the patient-family-population. It is also a vocation of service to society-community, and most importantly, we are much more than what we see, of what some only want to see, we are responsible for health care, health professionals.

We spend lots of time doing things that perhaps are not socially recognized but that for us and people are fundamental.

My Love for Nursing

I love my work; seriously, I do not know how many people today can have the privilege of saying this so true. Don’t believe it? I will explain; I have been a nurse for a few years now, and just as the health system and the current economic crisis are being organized, I have had to work in different services and shifts. Always from here to there, surviving the precarious work that accompanies us. Being the uncertainty for tomorrow a reality. But this has not let me lose the illusion for what one day I decided to become a nurse. That’s why I try to do my job better every day. Without forgetting to transmit to the patient the necessary confidence and the desire to work that I have, to make a difference in the little things of the day to day: to call him by his name, to live his progress,

We devote a lot, lots of time doing things that maybe are not socially recognized but that for us and the people are fundamental. They say many things, about the people that we dedicate ourselves to this profession, but we are everything that we propose. The ones that detect and prevent complications. Who guarantees that the patient returns home with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain their health. Those that help people to accept and adapt to their new health situations. The ones we accompany at the end of life. We seek the resources and tools necessary for the patient to acquire sufficient autonomy in their self-care.

Final Words

Those who work side by side with more health professionals to have better care. Those that we attend to your concerns. Those that we take care of in an integral way. The ones we investigate to take better care of you and yours. Those that we collaborate to make the health system more sustainable. Those that we try to reduce the average stay to minimize costs and thus, improve the quality of life of people. And all this, in addition to what is seen, the only thing that some see, analytical, injectable, heal wounds, administer medication, attention to the comfort of patients, etc.; all of them, essential procedures in the process of taking care of the patient.

You will agree with me that all this isn’t achieved only with a vocation. In everyday work, we apply the scientific method to discern between one or the other intervention. We put ourselves before the needs of patients. Our training ensures we have a holistic perspective of the problems, though it isn’t far from issues such as seen at Molina healthcare news. For all this, we are researchers, administrators, coordinators, educators, carers, teachers, managers. We become your arm when the patient cannot eat on his legs, when the patient cannot walk.