Making Sure Marriage Is More Than Just An Obligation To Live Together

Even with today’s divorce rates being accepted as the norm, it’s hard to deny that such numbers are worrisome. It’s probably going to come to the point where divorce is simply defined as an expensive and more stressful breakup.

Do people even consider marriage as a binding vow anymore? Marriage proposals, as grand as some would-be married couples make it be, end up just as valuable as a proposal to get into a relationship in the first place.

Making a married relationship takes a lot of selfless sacrifices. It’s no easy work. However, this sacrifice and compromise should ideally come from both parties for it to work.

It takes two to tango.

Honoring Vows

The point of affirming marriage vows is to have a safety net for weak and vulnerable points in a couple’s life. Without it, petty spates of misdirected anger, probably due to constant stress at work, can easily lead to separation and consequently divorce.

With a marriage vow as a buffer, there is still a mental state wherein couples can resort to honoring their vows and doing their part in patching up spotty areas in their relationship. It’s a societal construct – sure – but it’s one put in place to make sure that a family has a fighting chance to stick together through thick and thin.

Unfortunately, there are huge problems that sometimes can’t be remedied by couples merely remembering that they have a vow to honor. Couples who are in a highly agitated state of marriage should seek professional marriage Counselling Bella Vista by Colleen Hurll and other reputable counselors.

Taking Responsibility Together

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest factors that erode a marriage is the onset of responsibilities. Especially once a couple starts having kids. Responsibilities and obligations start piling up. Eventually, each party will feel compelled to handle the problem at hand on their own.

As more family obligations are handled by one person, a detesting feeling starts building up. Sadly, instead of asking the other person for help, some prefer to bottle up their feeling of being alone in handling problems and responsibilities. Bad idea, for sure.

Communication is key in a married relationship. Always have been, and always will be. The problem is that communication breakdown along the way makes either or both parties of a married relationship will feel like their partner has no interest in helping them at all. When in fact their partner is simply thinking that they’re perfectly fine doing all of it.

Happiness is just one facet of marriage. Trials make them sweeter.

Counselling Works Wonders

Marriage counseling isn’t something that everyone is open to. The notion of making an effort to contact an expert marriage counselling Hills District like Colleen Hurll is dreadful to some. Mainly because it reaffirms their fears that there is, in fact, something wrong with their marriage.

However, as dreadful as acceptance of such a state of marriage is, it’s much better than watching it crumble in total silence and indifference. Of course, there will be a huge wall of awkwardness from introducing the idea to a partner. But after a few visits, both parties of a married relationship will start to understand the importance of a counselor’s help.

The caveat, though, is that couples should pick the right counselor. Preferably one that has a good track record of helping couples meet in the middle and keep their marriage going strong.