Need of medical device for special medical purposes

The definition of medical device is the instruments or the apparatus or any machine that is used for medical purposes. They are used for different medical needs especially for human beings. The products that are required are packed and shipped to the required places.

How is the shipping done?

  • The medical device products are packed very carefully. This is basically done to minimise the damage. The shipments should ideally be carefully checked when one receives. This is because if the product is damaged, then it is necessary to document the nature as well as the extent of the damage. Then one must immediately contact MDS for exchange.
  • If you find that there is concealed loss or damage, then it is very important to retain all the packing materials. Then you must immediately notify MDS and request them for inspection.
  • If you have received short shipments, then it is your duty to immediately contact medical device.
  • The MDS is of course not responsible for damages caused or any attributable or any type of delays due to any other causes.

What is the return policy?

  • The credit will only be issued for those products that have been returned within a period of thirty days. The product needs to be in reusable condition as well as should not have any damages.
  • The return products have to be carefully packed and also shipped to MDS. The shipping charges will be returned to the client if the damages were caused due to MDS. The client is supposed to even include the copy of the original invoice along with the product. This will ensure prompt issuing of the credit.

The shipping and the return policy of the system is very transparent. If any product is damaged then MDS takes the liability of exchanging the product if possible or repaying the credit amount to the client.