Sclerotherapy – What Is It & How Is It Done?

Skin is the largest organ our body has. You should take best care of your skin to look and feel healthy and young. Spider veins and varicose veins can cause pain and discomfort. In fact, these ailments can lower the level of your confidence. A variety of factors may cause these problems, including age profile, obesity and sitting or standing for an extended period of time. These veins, which look red, purple or deep blue, are small and thin (spider veins) or large and protruded (varicose veins).

If you have developed symptoms of spider veins and/or varicose veins, consider undergoing Sclerotherapy, an FDA-approved treatment. It’s highly effective in treating ailments. Sclerotherapy effectively addresses the underlying cause of the disease as well as offers symptomatic treatment. It is meant to give you back your lost comfort and confidence. The goal of the treatment is to make the spider and varicose veins disappear so that you can flaunt off your beautiful legs once again.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Breakthroughs in medical science have made it possible to develop leading-edge treatments to cause spider or varicose veins to disappear or diminish. Sclerotherapy is an outcome of recent and remarkable progress in treatment and medicine for spider/varicose veins. It is an easy, effective and cost-excellent treatment for the ailments.

The treatment involves minimum invasion. As a part of the treatment, foamy, sterile solution is injected into the affected veins with help of a fine needle. The solution causes irritation in the affected veins and as a result, the veins start shrinking. Though the treatment yields visible results immediately, it requires multiple sessions to ensure excellent outcomes i.e. rerouting of blood. Once the body re-channelizes blood to healthier veins, it causes the spider veins to shrink slowly and ultimately vanish.

In a word, the treatment helps you feel confident and happy once again.

Is It Painful?

Sclerotherapy is a simple, non-invasive procedure that allows you to resume your normal routine after each session is done. In a few cases, patients have complained about a light stinging sensation when the injection is pushed. A mild burning sensation can be felt when the solution is injected but it usually does not last for more than a few seconds.

After being done with the treatment, you may feel minor aching in the affected veins. However, most patients don’t experience any major problem during and after the treatment. In fact, they are up and walking as soon as the treatment is over and feel nothing.

Both spider and varicose veins cause physical discomfort. Patients also feel pain. These ailments also inflict psychological impacts by causing patients’ confidence level dip and making them feel embarrassed as these veins look ugly. Sclerotherapy is a wonderful treatment to give them a quick relief from pain, discomfort and embracement.

What to Expect from Sclerotherapy?

The treatment usually takes 30-60 minutes and may require little or no recovery time upon completion. Nearly all patients return to their normal life immediately after the treatment. However, compression stocking is a must for two weeks after the injection is pushed, to ensure best results. Walking after the procedure will do no harm but patients must not engage into high impact activities for two weeks.