The truth behind how music can benefit your pregnancy

There have been numerous studies over the past 20 years that show music has the potential to decrease stress, depression and anxiety – symptoms many women can suffer throughout their pregnancy.

Even though within the health industry music therapy is now well established, sceptics are still unsure about the validity that music does affect foetal development.

However, there is new research that reveals the benefits music has on both baby and mother:

  • Benefits for baby

Numerous studies conducted by medical experts, showed foetuses who were exposed to music during their developing months in the womb, displayed improved performance in comparison to those who weren’t exposed to music. This included their mental, cognitive, sensory, emotional, psychological and behavioural states.

These studies show there is a connection between what a baby hears in the womb and what their preferences are after they’ve been born. For instance, newborns are able to hear and know their mother’s voice and often find this soothing. So, music they’ve heard while in utero may also become recognisable and have the same relaxing results.

  • Benefits for mother

Results from a study of 236 Taiwanese women found those who listened to music for up to 30 minutes per day for over a period of two weeks showed signs of reduced stress, depression and anxiety, in contrast to those who didn’t.

The author of the study Chung-Hey Chen said the study provided a cost-effective and non-invasive way to reduce the overall mental state during pregnancy.

The best music to play

There are many types of beneficial music that can help soothe babies, such as classical music and nature sounds. However, louder music has been known to startle the baby in the womb.

Our team suggests a good way to make sure the baby can listen to the calming music from inside the womb, you can place headphones directly on your belly. However, just make sure the music stays at a soft volume.

It may be a good to find a time of the day to just have a relaxation music session with you and your baby, so that you can bond and create a shared connection.

In summary, music can hit all the right notes in terms of feeling calm and unstressed. So, find the right music for you and your unborn baby – it can be very beneficial to your child’s overall development.