Natural Remedies for Better Hair

Hair is a crucial and beautiful part of our body. We like to show it off and so we thought of bringing some natural remedies to make it even better.

  • Use Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is one of the best things for your hair. It moisturizes the hair to give them the much-needed food. The oil also helps you with good hair growth when you apply it on a bi-weekly basis. The best way to do the treatment is by applying lukewarm coconut oil to the scalp and also on the lengths of the hair. An additional tip will be to wrap your hair in a hot towel after the massage session.

  • Onion Juice for Hair Growth and Dandruff Removal: As we know onions are good for our body. It is anti-bacterial in nature which makes it a great remedy for dandruff. But along with that onion juice helps in hair growth. People should strain out the juice of the onion and then apply it on their scalp and leave it for 1 hour before washing it off. Regular usage will give them the considerable difference.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: ACV has a tonne of benefits for our body. An ACV rinse is highly recommended by people who have nice hair. One needs to apply the rinse after they have shampooed the hair. It makes the hair shiny and prevents bacteria to attack the scalp.

  • A Good Diet: The diet is a key component that translates into the hair. Everyone needs to include food that is good for the hair. As we know, keratin is an important part of the hair. So, our diets should be rich in good quality protein. But along with that, we should also have green leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits to add to the nutrition. Biotin is also key to our health and it is found in foods like eggs, almonds, cauliflowers etc.

  • Natural Hair Pack: Sometimes our hair does need the much-needed care. But those chemically laden hair masques aren’t great for your hair. You can make one right at your home by using an Avocado and an egg. You have to mix the insides of an avocado and an egg. Then apply it to your scalp along with hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and shampoo and condition. Use this once a week to see great results.

So, these are the tips that we will give to make your hair soft and supple. Take good care of the hair and we are sure that it will look better every day.