The Year after Breast Reduction Surgery

When you’re so busy planning your breast reduction surgery, you don’t always think about what to expect further down the line. Having larger breasts can really affect your quality of life but breast reduction surgery can give you a new lease on life, allowing you to finally join that exercise class and buy the types of dresses you’ve always wanted to wear.

What to Expect a Year after Breast Reduction Surgery

For the first few months, your breasts won’t look like your own. In fact, many people will probably assume that you’ve undergone an augmentation. Once your breasts have had time to settle and heal after your surgery with Dr Benjamin Norris, a top breast surgeon in Bondi, this is what you can expect after year one:

The shape will be different. While your breasts may have looked bigger and perkier for the first few months, they will now look fuller but more settled.

Sensation may differ. Your surgeon will do everything possible to keep your nipple and breast sensation intact but there is still a chance that you may experience less sensation or hardly any at all a year after your surgery.

You can start wearing underwire bras again. A surgical bra will be necessary for the first month after your surgery, after which, you will be able to transition to wire-free sports bras. Most surgeons say that you can start wearing normal underwire bras again after about 3 months but this is often not the case and most women tend to wait a little longer.

You can start buying new bras. The year after your surgery you can slowly start buying new bras again. However, you may still want to stick to moderately prices bras for a little while longer since there is still a chance that the size of your breasts may change.

You will notice changes to your shape. Once your breasts have settled, you will definitely notice a difference to your overall body shape and how your clothing fits you. You will also finally be able to start buying tops and blouses that you were always too self-conscious to wear before.

Continue with scar treatments. A year after your surgery, you may be tempted to stop your scar treatment but it’s advisable to keep going with silicone strips or gel.

You may still feel some pain. While your back and shoulder pain won’t be what it used to be, if you’ve had larger breasts for most of your life, you can still expect to experience some mild flair ups after year one but exercise and time will heal all.

Your confidence will soar. Once your breasts have had time to heal, you will slowly start feeling more positive about your appearance, so get ready to experience newfound confidence. It may still take you some time to stop thinking that people are staring at your breasts when you’ve been used to it for so long but it does happen.