Things To Know Before Going For A Microdermabrasion Treatment

For most people, the standard means of exfoliation is using commercial exfoliating cream. There’s nothing wrong with this choice, of course. That is if they’re perfectly fine with lasting skin tenderness after application. Sometimes this tender and reddish state of the skin can last for months.

To be fair, exfoliation through commercial creams work well. But it’s incomparably far off from the effectiveness of professional salon services. Such beauty clinic treatments are microdermabrasion and chemical peel.

It’s worth noting that microdermabrasion, as amazing as some people may claim it to be, can have its downsides. Before getting one, experts recommend a consultation from clinics like The Facial Hub to get a better understanding. And, of course, read a ton of articles about it.

It’s Not As Painful As Some Imagine It

The way microdermabrasion work is just that – abrasion. It utilizes fine crystals to scratch the surface of the skin. And then, using the same device, the tiny pieces of the skin are sucked in using the same device.

In that visualization, it’s easy to see why people get the notion that it’s a horrifying experience. After all, what can be appealing about scraping the skin? Aside from getting a new layer of young and healthy skin, that is.

Seriously, it doesn’t look like she’s in a world of hurt.

However, contrary to the imagery of a microdermabrasion treatment, it’s typically a painless procedure. Some report only ticklish sensations. On the other hand, there are patients who need stronger treatments and this is where a little bit of stinging is felt. Though it’s usually not painful enough to want out in the middle of a treatment.

It’s A Lot Cheaper Than Chemical Peel

A lot of people want to opt in for microdermabrasion treatments by The Facial Hub as well as their other services. But perhaps one of the biggest reasons why microdermabrasion is a rather popular one is because it provides an entry-level service for people who can’t afford more expensive treatments.

Not to take away anything from chemical peels – they’re extremely effective.


Chemical peel, especially ones that are strongly applied, costs significantly more. Even mild applications are notably pricier.

Can Heal Faster Than Usual

In general, treatments in clinics heal a lot faster than self-applied exfoliation. Mainly because the treatment is thoroughly studied by experts. Also, treatments from famous clinics usually get followed-through with medications that help the skin heal faster.

Microdermabrasion can sometimes heal faster than a chemical peel, depending on the strength of the application. Nonetheless, regardless of which option one might opt for, both are equally leaps and bounds better than regular exfoliating cream applications.

Find The Most Reliable Clinic

Nonetheless, microdermabrasion, as low in cost as it is compared to a chemical peel, should be taken with caution. Most notably with regards to going to the right clinic. Getting microdermabrasion treatments by The Facial Hub is usually the safest bet. But it’s definitely worth checking out personally.

The good news is that finding a reputable clinic isn’t that hard. The Internet is full of information – this includes reviews that other patients or bloggers may have left after a procedure. It’s well worth reading a few reviews to avoid going to beauty clinics that are bad at customer service.

Checking out a clinic’s website is an extremely useful approach when finding a reputable beauty clinic. In this day and age, any self-respecting business understands the importance of Internet marketing.