Who Shouldn’t Receive Fat Freezing Treatments?

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the last decade, with many non-invasive procedures becoming increasingly popular. One of these popular treatments is fat freezing, which is also referred to as Cool Sculpting.

During a fat freezing procedure, your doctor will use controlled cooling to freeze and kill any unwanted fat cells, leaving patients with a slimmer shape that can be maintained with proper exercise and healthy eating.

Even though fat freezing is a highly effective way to get rid of stubborn fat, it’s not ideal for everyone.

Who is not a candidate for fat freezing?

Below are the people who won’t be able to benefit from fat freezing treatments

Expecting mothers

Reputable doctors will not perform this procedure on pregnant women. This is because these patients should be focusing on providing their unborn babies with a healthy environment to grow in. By removing fat from the body during this delicate time, you could be depriving your baby of important resources. Fat cells also keep the baby protected in the womb so removing them can result in a dangerous pregnancy.

Obese patients

Patients with excessive amounts of body fat won’t be able to benefit from a fat freezing procedure. CoolSculpting is used to treat stubborn areas of fat that won’t budge with exercise and dieting. Obese patients who are interested in this procedure should rather try and reach their ideal weight first. A healthy lifestyle is also key to maintaining the results of your fat freezing treatment.

Patients looking for a quick-fix solution

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting is not a rapid weight loss solution. This treatment targets adipose tissue, after which the body will remove the fat using waste processes. The full results of this treatment can take several weeks to actually be noticeable as the body needs time to eliminate the fat. To find out exactly what you can expect from a CoolSculpting treatment, visit https://drsarasandco.com.au/coolsculpting/

Patients with eating disorders

Cosmetic procedures are voluntary but reputable doctors still need to adhere to a specific code that will prevent them from treating patients with eating disorders or a history with eating disorders.

Patients with lymphatic system disorders

Patients need to be healthy before undergoing a fat freezing treatment and unfortunately, patients with lymphatic system issues can’t be treated. This is because the body won’t be able to eliminate the unwanted fat after it is destroyed.

Patients who recently underwent surgery

If you’ve recently had surgery, particularly in the area that was treated, you will not be an ideal candidate for this procedure. It’s important to tell your surgeon about any recent surgeries so that they can be taken into account before proceeding with the treatment.

If you feel that you are an ideal candidate for a CoolSculpting procedure, be sure to select a medical professional who has the necessary skills and experience with this particular treatment before you proceed. Your health, wellbeing and results all depend on the doctor you choose so choose wisely.