Why one should have the quality of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a rare virtue. If you ever had thoughts about forgiving someone, you are actually improving your own life with this thought. Many times a person who forgives is misunderstood as a coward but it is not true. Forgiveness requires courage, strength, and willpower for overcoming from the bad memories and negative energy from the past that is overpowering your life. If you have forgiven someone then you have truly done something great and courageous.

We forgive someone for misdeeds he has done in our life. Keeping them in your memory lane will only give your suffering and pain. Forgiveness is the only solution of getting rid of those bad memories and pain related with them. The best solution of these painful memories is to take them out of our life, and forgiveness is the key to it. We all have faced betrayal, pain, and unworthiness in life because of someone as we all have our own set of bad memories but when we will think about the situation with honest approach then we will find ourselves on the other side of the coin as well. What we have suffered in life, ironically we have done a similar thing with another person at some point in time. So when nobody is perfect then everybody needs a chance to be forgiven.

Get your wounds closed- forgiving someone for his misdeeds or pain he gave to you is like applying ointment on your wounds. Living your life with having the baggage of resentment and grudges will only make life full of burden. The longer you carry the resentment the more you will feel its pain. However, it is not easy to forget and forgive but it is important for the greater good. With forgiving someone you will be able to move on in life and will be able to free yourself from the pain and hurt you are carrying.

If you find difficult to forgive someone then just ask yourself to let the person get away with his awful behavior. You need to take his memories and behavior out of your life not from his and you need to do this for letting yourself free from burden.

 Forgiveness will improve quality of life

Forgiveness is all about stopping the person who has hurt you in the past from controlling your life in the present and future. If you are carrying the anger, grudges, and pain of past feelings, it will have a negative impact on your energy and quality of life. The pain from your past will continue to overpower your present happiness and your peace of mind. That is the reason why you should choose forgiveness over bitterness and resentment.

The karma always works in two directions and let his karma decide his fate and sufferings. Live your life with compassion, kindness, and positivity.

 How to practice forgiveness in life

Forgiving someone is not easy. It requires courage, empathy and a big heart. It is a process that requires practice and constant efforts for letting someone go out of your life with his sins. But it is important just not for that person but for you as well. Here are some steps that will help you in practice forgiveness and with time make you a better person.

First, forgive yourself-

Before allowing your heart to forgive someone else first you need to forgive yourself for your past deeds. There must be situations when you must be ashamed or embarrassed for and want to delete the chapter from your life. But let me remind you nobody is perfect and rather than having regretting the past better you forgive yourself for past mistakes with a commitment of never repeating them in future.

Acknowledge your role-  

There are always two sides in a situation and every side has its own truth and feelings to express. While you plan to forgive someone for his past deeds first try to review the situation and acknowledge your role in it. This review will help you in having a better picture and will make forgiving easy for you.

Try to be more empathetic-

Empathy is an ability to understand feelings and situation of another person before judging him. We all are different with having our own sets of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This is what makes us unique. Something that is fun for you might be irritating for someone else. Work on your empathy and you will be able to understand others with better perspective and will get the strength to forgive others for their mistakes.

Forgives is a virtue that we can have in our lives for making it better. It will make our lives free from negative energy and will let us have our peace of mind. You are actually doing more good for yourself than the other person by forgiving him.