Williams Bros Healthcare Pharmacy

Medication should not be a one-size-fits all approach, but instead every patient should have access to a compounding pharmacy.

Known as the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients, Williams Bros Healthcare Pharmacy takes the science of a traditional pharmacy and specifically makes each medication for the needs of a patient. This way, a patient receives the exact required dosage. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Compounding Pharmacy Difference

A compounding pharmacy is different from a more traditional “off the shelf” pharmacy in that every medication is designed for the individual patient. With an off the shelf pharmacy, patients must alter the number of pills taken throughout the day.

Sometimes these pills need to be cut into smaller pieces as well. This becomes confusing for patients, especially when multiple prescriptions are required.

Trying to remember how much of one should be taken against the number of pills for another is enough to confuse anyone.

A compounding pharmacy takes the guesswork out of prescription drugs.

The Same Prescription Quality Medication

Just like with a traditional pharmacy, you will need a prescription to obtain medication from a compounding pharmacy such as Williams Bros Healthcare Pharmacy. So, the next time you see your doctor make sure to talk to them about a compounding pharmacy.

The pharmacy will work with both local and regional medical providers for crafting and filling your prescription. So, if you’re ready to take the guesswork out of prescription drugs, a compounding pharmacy is the answer.

If you are interested in shifting from a traditional pharmacy to a compounding pharmacy, where your medication will be specially constructed for your personal needs, stop by Williams Bros Healthcare Pharmacy at 10 Williams Bros. Dr. Washington, Indiana or give the pharmacy a call at 812-254-2497 (or call toll free at 800-264-0064).