Three Reasons Your Nursing Home Needs an Exclusive Pharmacy

A nursing home facility often oversees medications for their patients. Some facilities have doctors or physician’s assistants on staff that can even write the prescriptions.

There are many benefits to a nursing home to working exclusively with one pharmacy for all their patient’s needs.

If you are considering using just one nursing home pharmacy, read on to learn how it may be beneficial to you.

Allows You to Pick Up All Your Patient’s Medications At Once

One of the biggest advantages to using one pharmacy for all the people who are residing in your nursing home is that you can pick up all your patient’s medications at one time and at one location.

If you allow your patients to use any pharmacy of their choosing, you or your staff may be running to various pharmacies all over town to pick up different prescriptions. This can be time-consuming.

The Pharmacist Can Develop a Relationship With You

Another benefit to using one pharmacy for all your prescription needs is that you can develop a relationship with the pharmacist.

The pharmacist may become familiar with your patient’s and what their needs are, allowing them to customize meds for them.

One patient may need a tablet, while another may need liquid medications. This can make giving your patients their medications easier.

You Have an Established Resource For All of Your Patients

The final reason your nursing home needs an exclusive pharmacy is because it ensures the pharmacy has all the records for all your patients.

If you use different pharmacies, one pharmacy may not realize your patient is on certain medications because those may be being filled elsewhere. This increases the chances of overdoses or medication reactions.

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