Cataract Removal-for Seeing is Believing

After having a protracted struggle to see clearly despite wearing glasses one might accept cataract as a senile change in the eye, as something that has to be lived with. A lot of cataract patients are convinced that the feeling of seeing the world in all its detail and glory is a thing of past and the gift of vision has been lost to old age.

Such convictions may be due to lack of awareness and the terror associated with surgeries. People are frightened of surgeries in general, and things get worsened when it comes to something as delicate as the eye. For everyone who is compelled to live with a compromised vision, here’s a delightful fact. Cataract is an easily treatable condition, and with the introduction of cataract laser surgery, things couldn’t be any simpler. There are no surgery wounds that take months to heal. The procedure is quick and simple, and most importantly, significant changes in vision can be noticed right after the procedure, and the sight steadily improves for a few weeks to come.

All the beauty, just a right choice away

So, before we move further, let’s make sure what cataract is. It is the state in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy and results in a blurred vision and a reduced ability to perceive colors. It is not so significantly impactful in the beginning, but with time, the situation worsens. It is no wonder that cataract is the principal cause of blindness and vision loss in people over the age of 40. Other than advancing age several other factors like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, smoking, etc., act as contributors for the cataract to thrive.

Although there are several controversies to whether cataract can be prevented or not, some researches indicate that with some lifestyle changes like higher dietary intakes of Vitamin E and carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin via a balanced diet may reduce the chances of developing a cataract. Using UV protective sunglasses can also be helpful as they help prevent damages from external sources.

No, cataract is not forever

After everything said and done, if you have eyes affected with cataract, don’t sweat at all! With technological advancements, it is now very feasible to perform cataract removal with the help of laser surgeries which are anything but messy, painful or having a recovery span of several months. Studies show that laser-assisted cataract surgeries are almost ten times more accurate than a standard hand-held blade surgery. Your surgeon will use a laser to create a circular opening for accessing and then removing the cataract. Laser might also be used to soften the cataract which makes it easier to remove. Laser-assisted surgeries use lesser ultrasound energies which is the primary reason they have a very short recovery time. With the new intraocular lens which replaces the cataract, most of the patients who undergo surgery not only feel blessed with a vision as good as new, but they also don’t find their spectacles useful anymore as the new lens does not require any external assistance to focus the light rays on the retina.

With cataract laser surgery you will indubitably get a better vision, and with a better vision, everything is better.