Chronic Diseases Are On The Rise, What Are You Doing About Your Health?

As in most places around the world, Canada is facing an increase in chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes, directly linked to unhealthy living with over 7.8 million Canadians aged 18 years or older being obese in 2015, shows the most recent paper released by the Canadian Government regarding the health state of the population.[1]This high level of sedentary living leads to an increased risk of premature death and the numbers are on the rise.

With the vast majority of almost 80% of Canadians living in urban or suburban areas, the hustle and bustle of the busy lives lived today forces many people to replace home cooked meals and wise dietary choices with meals that are fast and on the go, despite the fact that they can lead to a series of serious, life-threatening diseases. Time allocated to physical activity is being trade for time spent in cars and Ubers and at work. It is increasingly worse as new generations observe older generations and follow their path. Life is hectic but people should never lose sight of how important health is.

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In such a critical situation, massage therapy can provide relief. There is a common misconception that massage therapy can just be used for relaxation purposes and many times people consider it a luxury more than a necessity. However, massage therapy can have benefits both in preventing health issues and treating them.

Numerous studies into the benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients report significant improvements[2]. Simultaneously noting that the practice is safe and it widely making people feel well and empowers them to live the life they want. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep, pain relief are all areas where the most significant benefits where registered. Moreover, a specific massage therapy known as manual lymphatic drainage has been extensively used to lower breast cancer-related lymphedemas. This shows terrific potential and in spite of this, not enough researches into the benefits are conducted.

For patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes as they are closely linked, registered massage therapy techniques can improve general flow and alleviate muscle soreness. When blood flow improves, more oxygen and nutrients are pumped into body cells thus impacting insulin release. The heart rate is also regularized which decreases the risk of a cardiac episode. Diabetic patients also do not cope well with stress, fatigue, anxiety or depression and it can cause serious consequences for their condition. A therapist will know how to trigger specific pressure points throughout the body to adapt to each patient’s individual needs.

It goes without saying that alongside massage therapy, it is crucial to incorporate physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet into lifestyles. This is not particularly easy as our modern lives push us and expect us to do everything at a fast pace and not prioritize health until it’s too late. Taking time to do the little things, such as booking a massage therapy sessions on a regular basis, can potentially change lives for the better and either prevent an illness from occurring or provide aid in a difficult situation.