Having Trouble In Keeping Your Eyelash Extension Healthy? Here’s How You Can!


When you undergo an eyelash extension treatment, keeping it healthy is essential. You should avoid any possible damages to make sure that it achieves the look you want. Since the lashes are from a cosmetic procedure, there are some dos and don’ts which you have to know and follow. It will help you to make sure that you have the best results at the end of the day, and your money is worth it.

You have to maintain your eyelash extension as clean as much as possible. If you may do so, don’t put heavy mascara as it is long enough and has the same volume. Also, you have to avoid plucking your lashes to keep it with the same number of faux hair. Generally, there are more ways that you can use to ensure that your extended eyelashes are in good condition. Take the https://www.fancylash.net/natural-eyelash-extensions/ and other beauty clinics for some help if you want to seek for guidance and assistance.

And if you are struggling, here are some of the most efficient ways to remember to keep your lashes in its great shape.

  • Keep Your Eyelash Extension Untangled

Like your natural eyelashes, make it untangled so it would have a better curl and length. The eyelash extensions should be kept at its length. If there is anything twisted, carefully brush it for a while. Be very gentle to avoid it from falling. It also keeps your eyelashes look very much more natural.

  • Avoid Putting Water In The New Lashes

In the meantime, after you have gone through the eyelash extension treatment, you shouldn’t get it wet for the first 24 hours. It helps your new lashes to stick together into your new lashes for a longer time and takes some period for your eyes to adjust with the length and volume. Also, it avoids any further damages if water reacted negatively from the procedure. You can take from the https://www.fancylash.net/natural-eyelash-extensions/ or any other beauty clinics to help you out.

  • Wipe Your Face With Tissues

Since water is avoided at first, better use tissues for your eyes to prevent it from having water. Also, it keeps your face clean even though you have gone under treatment. So, don’t forget your skincare and hygienic practices. Just be extra careful with your lashes since it’s new. But as long as a day or two passes, you can let your lashes be wet.

  • Avoid Plucking

One of the most reasons why your new lashes fall or get loose is because of plucking. When you pluck, it leaves some of your lashes as uneven. So, the volume for both lashes in your eyes will not be the same anymore. Be careful and gentle at all times. Keep your lashes thick and long.


Final Word

Some of the common ways to avoid problems in keeping your eyelashes healthy are here as your guide. Make sure you follow them and remember its importance. It’s essential that you maintain your long and thick lashes from the eyelash extension treatment to bear excellent results.