Hair Loss in Men: What to Know

Hair loss in men never stabilises itself. One should try to treat it as soon as possible because it may become more severe if left untreated, you can make use of minoxidil foam to regrow your hair and prevent hair loss also. So, what are the first symptoms of hair loss in men? What are the causes of this loss?

Hair Loss in Men: The First Symptoms

Hair loss in men is a problem that increases significantly with age. This problem affects about 34% of men over the age of 30 and 52% of men at the age of 50!

It is recognised that hair loss is a natural physiological phenomenon that is observed in men and women because of the hair cycle.

The first symptoms of severe hair loss are related to shortening of the hair cycle. It is known that the hair cycle is divided into 3 phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The average lifespan of these 3 phases varies between 2 and 6 years, but the reduction of this lifespan of the hair cycle indicates that there is a real danger. Indeed, and in practical terms, it is not possible to determine the life of our own hair, but we can still notice the existence of a surprising and significant fall (more than 70 hairs a day).

The nature of young hair replacing those who have fallen may also be a sign of alopecia. If you notice a noticeable refinement of the hair, and if it becomes remarkably less dense than usual, then it may be among the symptoms of hair loss in men that can progress to alopecia.

Moreover, if the hair loss only concerns specific areas of the skull, then care must be taken.

Hair Loss in Men: Causes

There are many serious causes of hair loss in men, but the androgenic drop represents more than 95% of cases. This fall is strictly related to the male hormone: testosterone.

Testosterone is transformed into a hormone called DHT under the influence of an enzyme called 5-Alpha-Reductase, and it is it that disrupts the normal development of hair and causes their fall.

There are also nutritional causes that can cause hair loss such as lack of iron, zinc, vitamins or silicon.

The disruption of hormones caused by stressful situations also disrupts the normal functioning of hair follicles and causes significant hair loss.

Genetic predispositions or simply heredity, unfortunately, is a cause of human hair loss that cannot be controlled.

Certain dermatological diseases such as alopecia areata or ringworm are also the cause of hair loss in men, so you have to know the difference between androgenic hair loss and that caused by one of these diseases to know to cure the problem.