Protect Yourself From Spit Attacks With The Poliveil Spit Mask

In the past couple of years, there have been many cases where the law enforcers, wardens, and even medical staff have been spat on by the suspects and criminals. While many do not see this as a serious issue, there were some cases that resulted in the death of the police officer who got spat as there are many spit-borne viruses that you need to know about.

If you work in such an environment where you might get spat on, you should definitely consider purchasing a Spit Mask, and you can do so if you visit their site. All the necessary information can be found there as well.

There are three different types of this mask

Development of the Spit Mask

Because of such cases, where the law workers were spat on and had to face months of blood tests and anxiety before they found out if they caught any disease, the Spit Mask was created. There were a couple of things that were taken into consideration while the creation of the Poliveil Spit Mask happened.

The first thing that was considered was the ability to allow the criminal, suspect or anyone wearing the mask to see through it. Usually, law enforcers will use a towel or a T-shirt to protect the identity of the criminals, but that is very inconvenient as it can easily fall and the suspect cannot see anything.

The second thing was already mentioned, the protection of the identity. It is very important to protect the identity with the mask while allowing the suspect to still see what is happening. However, there are different types of masks, and not all of them have the same benefits.

Type of masks

You can purchase orange, blue and a white poliveil spit mask, and they all have different yet similar benefits to take into consideration. The blue and orange mask are similar, with the difference that the orange mask has a higher density but still allows the criminal to see through the mask while protecting officers from spit attacks as well as the identity of the suspect.

Besides those two masks, you also have the white mask, that will protect the law enforcers from spit attacks but will not hide the identity of the suspect. This probably got your attention, and if so, check out the law enforcement spit hoods from Spit Mask and learn more about the people behind this great mask.

Protection of the law enforcers is very important

Protect yourself

Just because you work as a law enforcer or the medical staff on the scene, does not mean that you should not protect yourself, which is why the poliveil Spit Mask should be considered in all the environments where one could be spat on.

People usually ignore all the dangers that come along with getting spat on, as there are many viruses that you could catch; for example, Hepatitis C and HIV are a possibility, and this could all be easily avoided with a simple purchase of the Poliveil Spit Mask.

Final word

However, before any sort of purchase, it is important that you do proper research of the product, prices and the people behind the product. Lucky for you, everything about this mask is listed on their website, so all you have to do is visit their site and explore.