How shisha pens can affect your health


Shisha pens are the latest sensation in the world of vaping and have made it possible for hooker users to enjoy their hookahs and not need to worry about the bulky designs of the past. Currently, it’s possible to invest in a shisha pen and enjoy vaping anywhere at any time. More so, these devices are also less pricey than the average hookahs.

However, there a few disadvantages of shisha pens; therefore, it’s vital to understand the cons to make a wise decision.


Once a shisha pen is heated, the components in the vape juice may lead to irritation in the mouth as well as airways. This is because shisha pens contain propylene glycol and glycerol.

Also, when vaporized, these substances have the potential of forming cancer-causing as well as carcinogenic compounds.


The UK has many options of shisha pens which contain no nicotine, but nicotine free vaping is known to trigger an immune system response. Studies show that use of shisha pens can lead to inflammation in the immune system cells.

Typical inflammation responses may be noticed within the lungs or throat, but heavy use of vaping may lead to inflammation in the entire body.

Also, studies have concluded that exposure to e-juice flavoring compounds can activate inflammation responses in some types of white blood cells and this can affect how the cells function within the immune system.


Also, shisha pens may be toxic to cells even when nicotine isn’t present. These affected cells are found in the lungs and guard the body against toxins, infectious particles as well as allergens in the breath.

Besides, the exposure to flavoring agents in e-cigarettes can harm the heart’s blood vessels, and these usually play a significant role in heart health in the long term. Thus, the death of these cells can cause vascular conditions for instance; high blood pressure, heart ailments, and diabetes.

Cigarette smoking is detrimental to the health of any smoker, even though many are aware of this, they don’t do much about it. Cigarettes contain nicotine which makes them addictive and smokers experience cravings which make the end up smoking more. However, shisha pens bear no nicotine, hence have negligible health effects and are an excellent option.

Also, they are reusable, and this permits the smoker to use a single shisha pen severally. Therefore, despite the above health effects, by the use of shisha pens, you will notice the difference within a short time.