Why Are Women Prone To Gum Disease?

There are several health problems that are more likely to develop in women and the most common example of such a health problem is gum disease. Women who come to the dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental always blame about their gum problems. As per the professional dentists, women are likely prone to gum diseases as compared to men. Off course, there are several reasons behind this. So, let’s discuss all that in detail:

  1. Menstruation or Periods: Menstruation or Periods can be the reasons that are responsible for the gum problems in case of women. During periods, most of the women face bleeding gums, swollen gums or sores. Such a problem occurs before the starting of the periods and is cleared when the cycle of 5 days is complete.
  2. Puberty: Puberty can be the other reason behind the problem of gum diseases. During the onset of puberty, the blood circulation increases in gums which lead to bleeding gums. This increases sensitivity among the gums and they also turn into the red color.
  3. Pregnancy: Pregnancy can be the other reason behind the gum diseases in case of women. Hormonal changes are the prime reason behind this. Increased level of progesterone and estrogen causes gums to bleed.
  4. Menopause and post-menopause: During the phase of menopause, the body of the women undergoes several hormonal changes in her body. One such change is in the mouth too. Some of the major mouth concerns that happen during this phase are dry mouth, sores, burning sensation, and many others.
  5. Taking too much of medicines: In case if a woman is having prescription drugs like antibiotics, then it results in the problem which is related to the gums. They also give rise to the condition of dry mouth that result in the other major problem like oral cancer.
  6. Breast cancer: Breast cancer becomes the most common problem among women. This can also result in the problem which is related to the gums.
  7. Diabetes: Women who are suffering from diabetes are having higher chances to have gum problems and they may also have the problem of tooth decay or tooth loss. So, in case you want to stay free from all such problem you should keep your blood sugar level in control.
  8. Cardiac issues: Having a heart problem can also be the other reason behind the gum problem. Heart problems increase the chances of swelling inside the gingival tissue present inside the gum tissue.

At last, if you are women then you may be concerned about your dental health, then the only person who can protect you from such gum problems is the dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental. So, book your appointment with them today and say goodbye to all of that gum problems.