How to Use CBD Flower For Maximum Benefits

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis. In addition to being found in the plant itself, CBD flower can also be extracted and consumed as an oil. It has some of the same properties as THC but has no psychoactive effect. It’s a popular choice for those who are looking to avoid getting high while still feeling relaxed and relieved from pain or anxiety.

Even if you’ve never used CBD before, you’re likely familiar with what it looks like: it comes out of the raw plant material like a thin white-green waxy substance that can be shaped into various products such as capsules and edibles (but does not have any smell).


CBD flower is a good option for beginners so you can learn how to dose and administer the CBD-rich oil. The standard dosage of CBD is 100mg per serving. But that’s just the beginning; start low and see how you like it.


Not all CBD products are created equal, so don’t be too quick to classify your options as complete or lacking in ingredients just because the label doesn’t say “full spectrum” on it! Keep reading to understand what that means.

THC And CBD Content

This is something that can be very important to some users. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce the same effects as THC, like the “high” feeling. Some people, however, are still wary about taking hemp products because of the THC content found in a few varieties of cannabis. Many CBD flower users want to know what the ratio of THC and CBD is, if it exists at all!

Extraction Process

CBD extracted from hemp typically has an extra process attached to its name—Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum—and that’s because these processes involve adding more than one part of the plant and more than one process for extraction.

Plant Origin

The most common form of CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, but there are other strains of cannabis that provide the substance. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa (industrial hemp) that has been bred to achieve less than .3% THC and is grown for its CBD content and many other uses. Hemp is also grown for fiber, seed and oil, but it’s also useful for cooking.

Isolate Vs Full Spectrum

Isolates are the purest form of CBD available on the market, meaning there is only a small amount of THC left in the product after its been decarboxylated (denatured). This ensures that you won’t be getting high from CBD. If you want to get the full spectrum effects of hemp, then you’ll need a product that contains more than just CBD.