Crowdfunding for Helping Dalit Kids Get Extracurricular Activity Lesson

In the last decade or two, the educational space has undergone drastic changes that have improved the way students view and experience different forms of learning. No longer is rote learning and academic scores the be-all-end-all of education. Schools today emphasize the importance of different activities across the spectrum that enhance and enrich a child’s educational journey.

Such activities include music, sports, dramatic & theatre, dance, arts and crafts, and so much more. Infact, extracurricular activities such as these now hold extra credit points (aside from academic scores) that may help a students add value to their resumes. There is however, some disparity in the distribution of such activities, meaning that these extra curricular activities are not available to all students.

As we all know, India has always had to tackle problems associated to the ever so prevalent caste system that continues exists in rural as well as urban India. Despite the fact that untouchability or caste based discrimination was outlawed long ago, it is the actions of people that show us that caste system still dominates in the social mindset. As members of the lowest rank in the hierarchical caste system, the scheduled caste or ‘Dalits’ have faced discrimination at every level, for years together. With regards to education, dalit children too, always had to grapple with limited access and opportunities. In urban India, certain step has been taken to eradicate such discrimination through reservation systems, yet we have a long way to go.

Addressing one small part of this long standing problem, we at Impact Guru aim to provide the opportunity and platform to a crowdfunding India, to bring equality in education. Looking into the niche aspects of education, we hope to provide financial support that will fund extra-curricular activities to dalit schools and their students, so that they too experience the same opportunities as other student.

Promoting a crowdfunding India for education-for-all endeavours, especially performing arts, sports and athletics, field trips, etc will enable students with lesser opportunities to explore their interests in a fun and unique way. Not only will this play a huge role in addressing the gap in Indian society, but also ensure a wholesome learning experience for children. Co-curricular activities work on all round development of students, infusing elements of teamwork, communication skills, critical thinking, and innovation. But most importantly, these chances must be made available to all – after all, talent is distributed equally but opportunities are not.

By supporting fundraising activities that are specifically for the betterment of dalit children, we hope to create awareness about the years of discrimination that this strata of society has faced over the years. At Impact Guru, we urge anyone who is compassionate about eradicating caste based discrimination to see the obvious benefits of a crowdfunding India, and use such platforms to fund your cause, be it in the education spaces or anything else.